My Personal Theory About The Mooch’s Change Of Heart On Trump & Trump’s Second Term

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

It seems to me that The Mooch’s defection to The Resistance (somewhat) has more to do with a cold hard political calculation than anything else. I still believe that Trump is going to coast to a second term. And The Mooch acting the way he is more of a signal about Trump’s second term than any strength of opposition of Trump in the Republican Party.

Trump’s second term is going to be hell. The passions against Trump will grow ever higher and The Mooch senses he can have a lot more power as a one of a few #NeverTrumpers than he can as just another FOX News talking head. So, in a sense, The Mooch is positioning himself for long term growth.

I think in the end Trump is going to be seen as a transitional character. It won’t be Trump that turns us into the dystopian nightmare we all fear, it will be a younger, more focused successor. I do think, however, that Trump has replaced Reagan in the pantheon of Republican demigods.

I still am of the opinion that we’re going to wait until the youngest of the Baby Boomers drop dead in about 20 years for any hope politically. By that point hopefully the browning of America will be strong enough on an electoral level that things will sort themselves out.

Of course, we could just have a civil war.

But anyone who is spooging their pants at the notion of a second Trump Administration needs to hold their horses a little bit. Second terms are notorious for being far worse than first terms. So there’s a real chance that Trump could do something so catastrophic politically that he may face a real impeachment threat.

Or put another way — around 2023 things are going to start to get lit.

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