Trouble Brewing In Late Night TV Talk…Again?

by Shelt Garner

Not this is again. For anyone my age, the idea that someone as talented as John Mulaney joining the writing staff of Late Night does not bode well for Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show. Apparently, they’re saying this is happening because of COVID19 restrictions, but, then John Oliver got his gig at HBO because Jon Stewart took a break to film a movie. So….uh huh.

Fallen does a great job and the moment I saw him start at The Tonight Show, I thought to myself, “That guy’s got that gig for the next 30 years.”

And then Trump happened.

Or, more specifically, Fallon tried to “humanize” a fucking monster while Stephen Colbert became a comic attack dog. And, now, as we (hopefully) are about to enter the Biden Era, it definitely would make sense for Fallon to leave The Tonight Show, Seth Meyers get that gig and John Mulaney take over Late Night.

Or not.

Where would Fallon go? Maybe Fox? Maybe an huge overall deal with WarnerMedia or Netflix?

Maybe I’m just paranoid. I hope I am. I like how things are setup in late night talk right now. Though I have to say, Seth Meyers at The Tonight Show would make a whole more sense so he would be going head-to-head with Colbert.

What do I know.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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