My Hot Take On The Sami Sheen Kerfuffle

by Shelt Garner

So, according to Page 6, 18-year-old Sami Sheen’s decision to open an OnlyFans has caused something of a family quarrel. The child of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richard, the issue is Sheen is freaking out while Richard is kind of lulzing it. hed: Denise Richards Spends Mother’s Day with Estranged Daughter Sami Sheen: ‘Grateful to Have You in My Life’

The great irony of GenZ is on one hand they’re “canceling” the shit that Olds like me like — like the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show — then they turn around and support shit like OnlyFans. Ugh. It’s because of fucking the weird morals of GenZ that Dua Lipa doesn’t feel comfortable doing the occasional “accidently on purpose” T&A that people like Madonna pioneered.

Anyway, given the movies that Richard has been in over the course of her career…I have to agree with her on this issue. So what. Given that Playboy doesn’t have any cultural relevance anymore, where else can a stunning young woman use her beauty to further her career?

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