Ted Cruz, #Pandemic Hero?

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

Ugh. Ted Cruz may endup being the fucking hero of this pandemic clusterfuck. He and a bunch of other right wing nutjobs are self-quarantining because of their exposure to COVID19 at CPAC. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch that should the US government grow incapacitated because of a massive outbreak, that it would be Cruz — and few other similar very lucky shithead conservatives — who could swoop in and save the day.

But, in a way, it’s not like some sort of fucking twitter liberal utopia is going to happen if Nancy Pelosi abruptly became president. More likely than not,there would be unprecedented political violence across the country. There might be coup attempts in states like Virginia — or even the US government itself.

So, I guess while it will make me grit my teeth and wince, Cruz is far more likely to stay within democratic norms than a lot of the other cocksucker conservative “leader” options we might have at the moment.