The Curious Pause Before Our Impending Trump Whistleblower Apocalyptic Political Rock Fight

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Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

This is curious. Apparently the Real Clear Investigation outing of the Whistleblower is far closer to the surface than I realized. Sen. Rand Paul tweeted out a link to the outing earlier today. Fox News has yet to take the bait as best I can tell.

We’re still fairly early on the process so there are weeks for fascist Republican shithead operatives to do oppo research on the Whistlebower so they can strike as just the right moment. They want the media narrative to go from “Holy shit, Trump did WHAT?” to “Holy shit, the Whistleblower did WHAT?” The thing you have to keep in mind is Republicans lulz the rule of law and are fully prepared to incite some wank job with an AR-15 to murder the Whistleblower in cold blood so they can clutched their pearls and say we have to end the impeachment process because people are getting killed. Lulz!

They want the Whistleblower to be what everyone is talking about, not Trump. They don’t care what laws they have to break to do it, either. They only care about law if they can use it to either enrich themselves, regulate women’s bodies or punish people they don’t like.

I can only suppose that we’re one Trump twitter tirade away from the poor Whistleblower being outed, doxed and murdered. Or, at least, being called in front of Senate Committee so Graham can do to him what he felt was done to Kavanaugh. Graham has been pretty fucking conspicuous with his absolute desire to reverse the quasi-successful Kavanaugh strategy against a Democrat. In Republican eyes, this would be heaven. If 35% of the population buys into the Big Lie that somehow Biden’s point-man on Ukraine conspired to bring down Trump, even though Trump did, in fact, break the fucking law on a massive scale, then, well, lulz.

Anyone who thinks Republicans give a shit about anything other than greed and power are fools. Republicans are fascists. Long-term trends are in their favor. At this point, it’s just a matter of the exact chronically. If we somehow managed to defeat Trump by convicting him in the Senate, we have — at best — one presidential cycle before President Kobach, or President Cotton or President Don Jr. finishes the job Trump started.

The only way this doesn’t happen is if Republicans really, really, really misjudge the situation and there’s a tragedy that is not only their fault, but they can’t spin. I don’t even know what that could possibly be — any major terrorist attack they would simply use as an excuse to abolish the Constitution or something.


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