The Stench Of Treason Is All Over #BenedictDonald

by Shelt Garner

It’s wild how so many really smart people — the Blue Check Liberals — stare straight at the answer as to why Trump acts the way he does and can come up with an explanation.

Trump is a traitor.

Now, let me qualify that statement. He’s probably not a LITERAL traitor in the legal definition, but fuck if he isn’t one in the political sense. The thing about Trump is you can never figure out if he’s a patsy or an actual active Russian agent.

I think, maybe, it’s a muddled mixture of both. He’s so stupid and lacks such self-awareness that he probably is simply a useful fool for the Russians, and, yet, he turns around and pulls 1/3 of our troops out of German by September and you wonder if he’s just a regular old agent.

You see, I think in the end, Trump has half a dozen (maybe more) ways he’s going to use to steal the 2020 election. But his ultimate failsafe is pretty obvious — there’s reason why he’s pulling those troops out of German — it’s a direct quid pro quote for the Russians hacking directly into our election systems.

The question, of course, is will we even figure it out?

I could see the period of time between Election Night and Jan 20th being a period of astonishing instability in the United States. There will be lawsuits. There will be rolling political violence. There will be Republican ratfucking and treason.

And, in the end, Trump will win.

All he has to do is get into his second term so his new second term Veep (who I think may be Gen. Mike Flynn) can become president and be even more treasonous.

Lulz, nothing matters.

How The Trump Era Might End Rather Dramatically On A Political Level

by Shelt Garner

Trump is never going to leave office. And, really, there’s only one scenario whereby that ever happens for any reason — Trump finally goes completely batshit insane.

But how might that play out?

Well, the key thing to look at is his poll numbers. If there was, say, a 1-2-3 punch of a pandemic, treason AND his taxes finally coming out because of a SCOTUS decision, then, well, the stress of that combined with his approval rating going down into the 20s might be enough to make him snap.

Remember, the point is unless Trump, himself, causes his downfall, he’s never leaving office. With Russian help, he’s going to steal the 2020 election in a rather brazen fashion, cruise into his second term, call for a Constitutional Convention and simply be an American Brezhnev for the next decade. I believe that’s our fate as of right now. Like, 200%.

So, really, like I said, the only way Trump DOESN’T stay in office for the next 10 years or so is, well, Trump. And he would have to do it in a rather dramatic fashion. He would have to explode, not implode, mentally. He would have to become so absolutely deranged that it was a minute-by-minute crisis.

But there’s an added complication — the 25 Amendment is a dead letter, so even if that happened, well, nothing wold happen until the election and, well, lulz, he’s going to steal that anyway, so we’d have a completely insane, deranged president until sometime in 2021 or so. By that point, of course, he will have picked his new second term veep of Tom Cotton or Zombie Hitler or whomever.

And, remember, keep this part at the forefront of your mind: at some point Trump’s political criminality and his insanity may fuse into the same thing. So he will bribe Electors. Or attack them personally on Twitter. Or demand MAGA threaten the families of any Electors who refuse to vote for him, damn the popular vote.

There’s simply no political will to do anything about this as it happens. Lulz!

But I would, however, suggest you keep any eye on his polling. Not until he’s in the 20s will there be any semblance of accountability and even then it will be far, far, far FAR too late to actually help anything.

None Dare Call It Treason #Trump

by Shelt Garner

The issue right now is if things really are as bad as we fear when it comes to TrumpBountyGate, what are we going to do about it? There really isn’t much that can be done as best I can tell. We can’t impeach Trump again until well into his second term. He’ll never resign. He’s going to steal the election with Russian help.

So, I don’t know.

This goes back to something that is central to the Trump Era — Trump is his own worst enemy. So, really, if we have him dead to rights on this issue, the thing that causes some serious accountability to come to him for once won’t be anything but himself. He may finally flip the fuck out.

I don’t even know how that might manifest itself. I think maybe he might finally snap in a really crazy way whereby he starts to tweet out the N-Word to Obama. Or maybe he joins Tik-Tok and starts to do dances there. Things that are simply so outside the bounds of normal behavior that someone, somewhere, finally sits up and takes notice.

But I’ve been let down by Congress so many times that I honestly don’t think anything of note is going to happen. After a few days of teeth gnashing, things will gradually go back to a Trump Era level of normality.

I would keep an eye on SCOTUS and Trump’s taxes. If Trump faces not only a pandemic and accusations of treason but his taxes being forced to be released as well, then, we may, at last, be going to the show.

The Damage Is Done — Trump As Tyrant & Traitor

by Shelt Garner

It’s now rather obvious that someone like Trump was going to appear in the 2016 – 2024 time frame, it was just a matter of whom. But it’s also clear that the damage is done.

America is no longer a Republic, it is a Russian-style “managed democracy” and there’s no going back, at least for the next 20 to 40 years when the Graying of America crosses the Browning of America.

Trump is just really, really, really bad at being an autocrat, so it’s not as obvious what’s going on. But once Tom Cotton (or whomever) succeeds Trump, the entire state will be used to destroy liberal democracy in the United States.

I don’t have any solution. This is it. The end of America. The bad guys have won. Even if Biden wins — and somehow actually is legally sworn in — it will be just a death rattle.

The most current outrage over Trump knowing about Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan is already blowing over because Trump is simply going to say he was criminally incompetent, which his base can accept, not a traitor, which his base likely can’t.

Get out while you still can.

Trump Is A Traitor (Now What?)

by Shelt Garner

I’m beginning to think Trump could confess all his criminality and STILL nothing would happen. I say this because right now, we have a confirmed report that Trump knew that the Russians put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan and lulz it. Actually, he didn’t lulz it. He hugged the slithery Putin even fucking tighter by trying to get him back into the G7 (G8.)

So, unless something different happens soon, this will be just another one of those OH MY GOD Trump scandals that riles people like me up, but generally doesn’t get any traction beyond the Twitter liberal echo chamber.

The reason for this is, we’re so close to the election that there’s just no political will do anything about it. What’s more, the very thing that Trump did — doing some pretty unsavory things with the Russians — is exactly the type of thing he would need to do to get himself re-elected by stealing the election.

Thus, the future looks extremely, extremely dark.

Trump will steal the election and one way or another someone like Tom Cotton becomes president. Goodnight and good luck.

Did Trump Kill Snark?

by Shelt Garner

I’m reading the book “The Fourth Turning” for the novel I’m developing and I can see why people like Steve Bannon like it so much. But it has got me thinking just now about other cycles in culture, outside of the political.

We are definitely in something of a funk when it comes to edgy, provocative writing and art. It happened in the 2006-2008 era for some reason. We really haven’t had good snark (or pop rock) sense then. We don’t have any popular, yet edgy pop culture to consume these days. And the case could be made that the Trump administration’s lack of shame and self-awareness has killed irony and snark for all times.

I kept expecting some punk Millennial to pick up a guitar and start writing punk songs, but that has yet to happen. I now have to hope that “Zoomers” are going to do it — that they managed to punk Trump’s asshole campaign manager Brad Pascarle is a promising sign of a possible future.

And, yet, I almost think the very ideas of “irony” and “snark” no longer are applicable in this hyper connected world. Maybe there will be no Fourth Turning. Maybe it won’t come roaring back.

Maybe irony is dead. Maybe Trump killed it.

Some Surreal Possible 2020 Futures

by Shelt Garner

Here are some possible — but reasonably unlikely — bonkers things that may happen still in 2020.

A War In Korea
Weird things are happening in Korea right now. If I was the DPRK, I would shoot my shot right now, both figuratively and literally. The United States is not only extremely distracted and divided, it has a deranged bonkers Mad King as its ruler. If it wants to prove a point — any point — now is the time to do it.

Trump AND Pence Get COVID19
I don’t want this, but if tonight’s MAGA Nuremberg really turns out to be a strategic superspreader event, there’s a good chance both the president and vice president may be temporarily incapacitated. Nancy Pelosi would become acting president and for a few weeks and things would get VERY VERY SURREAL.

Trump Loses It
There’s a chance that Trump really will lose it and all kinds of crazy shit might happen. His criminality and his insanity might fuse and he’ll start to personally attack Electors.

America As Autocracy

by Shelt Garner

Ultimately, all Trump has to do is get into his second term. It doesn’t really matter what happens after that. I believe Trump is going to either pick Ivanka as his second term veep (allowing her to pick say, Tom Cotton as VEEP for her eight year term so he can run for another eight years) or someone so insane that once he finally loses his mind we’ll really have something to cry about.

But the damage has been done, no matter what.

America is now a Russian-style “managed democracy” because of some serious macro problems that we were blind-sided by over the last three or so years. The last step is a Constitutional Convention that would rewrite the Constitution such that we’re a white-ethno state de jure, not just de facto.

The ICE Camps will be weaponized and that will be that.

Even if Biden wins and is actually sworn in, it’s just part of a broader death rattle. I’m reading a book called The Fourth Turning and pretty much exactly what it predicted 20 years ago is happening.

All I can say is, once the Browning of America and the Gray of America cross in about 20 years, we’re in for some very, very interesting times. AOC is likely to become president via a popular uprising.

This Weekend *Might* Be The Most Significant In The Trump Era

by Shelt Garner

So, the conditions are there for this weekend being the single most significant weekend in the Trump Era. I say this because of the following:

  1. The Tulsa Rally
    Trump is having an extremely ill-advised (and, as such very on-brand) MAGA Nuremberg Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is major COVID19 hotspot right now. Since no one is going to wear a mask, he’s putting not only his own life — and I think Pence! — in danger, but the lives of the 19,000 attendees in danger. We won’t know for about two weeks if this what I fear — a COVID19 strategic superspreader event.
  2. The Berman Crisis
    Meanwhile, Trump — through Attorney General Barr — is TRYING to fire a prosecutor connected to the SDNY. Right now, it’s not working. That would be some split screen to have Trump ranting at his Tulsa MAGA Rally on one side and a Saturday Night Massacre type situation on the other.

The thing about this type situation is you just never know. You never know until after the fact that it was obvious that SOMETHING BIG was going to happen. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen this weekend.

Could be nothing.

WW3: Trump as ‘War President’ or ‘A Fish Rots From Its Head’

by Shelt Garner

I have long thought Trump wants a war or major terrorist attack. That’s the only way I can explain his callus disregard for our national security. Well, he may very well have his chance to be a “War President” after all if the worst happens in Asia.

I don’t really expect any of this to happen. North Korea just wants some attention as it occasionally does. What’s going on between India and China right now is far more rare, but to date, it’s still kind of a so-what situation. But let’s suppose the worst happens and there are several regional wars that occur at the same time that are marketed as “World War Three.”

What happens?

Well, initially, Trump’s popularity will skyrocket.

Then everyone will realize, again, what a moron Trump is and it will go back down to where it is now. A conventional war between the United States and the DPRK would be a short, bloody affair. It would probably be about three months long.

That’s the best case scenario. If it went nuclear, then, well, goodbye LA, NYC and DC. The DPRK, meanwhile, would be nothing more than radioactive sludge.

But, again, I just don’t see that happening. Everything is going to calm down and things will go back to “normal.” Trump’s still never leaving office for any reason, though.