The Curious Case Of Emrata

by Shelt Garner

One of my long-term celebrity crushes is Emily Ratajkowski. She’s just my type in various ways large and small and so I am always interested in her career. The interesting thing about her these days is she apparently is so desperate for attention that she calls the BackGrid photo service to take pictures of her walking around New York City.

Now, obviously, I could be wrong. It could be that she’s doing just fine and her career isn’t “cooling” or anything. But it definitely seems as though she isn’t as white hot as she used to be, which I find very curious.

The key thing I note about her is her personality — it’s very, very languid. She is very laid back and has a reputation of something of a “pick me girl.” To her credit, she’s very sex-positive as well.

But this whole situation makes me wonder about the nature of fame and celebrity. Emrata seems to have pretty much everything going for her, but one thing — she can’t act. The few times I’ve seen her in a movie she was a heatsink of acting ability, a regular black hole.

And, if anything, I think that’s probably what’s going on. If she could act, then Hollywood would see her more than just potential T&A and that would take her career to the next level. As it stands, she’s going to probably coast where she is for the foreseeable future.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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