Now I’m Worried About Joe Biden

by Shelt Garner

“Pres Biden walked back into WH at 6:58 after nearly 90 min handing out candy. It was chilly 58 degrees & he was likely soaked from nonstop rain. Even those with umbrellas on the lawn were drenched & cold. No aides brought out an umbrella for their almost 81-yo.”

Steven Nelson

I saw a headline from a Voice Of America correspondent that suggested President Biden left his handing out of Halloween candy tonight drenched from a hours-long cold rain.

William Henry Harrison
This makes me extremely uneasy because, well, you know. He’s 80 years old and that’s just the type of dumb decision that fell William Henry Harrison. This has long been a concern of mine. And it only gets worse because of how the new Speaker of The House is known as “MAGA Mike.”

Something wicked, this way comes. If, God forbid, something happens to Biden, and if those blind items about a Harris sex tape are real and it comes out…then, well, we got President MAGA Mike on our hands.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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