How To Hard Reboot The Terminator Franchise

by Shelt Garner

Sarah Connor is right behind you, bub!

Enough time has passed that The Terminator franchise can be hard rebooted. You start from the beginning with a new, young cast. You redo The Terminator only with a significantly bigger budget. And, if you really wanted to go crazy, you might could even use AI to use a “young” Ah-nuld to play the Terminator role again, only in a new, rebooted story.

But should you do this, you make a crucial change to the plot in an effort to surprise audiences — you use the multiverse concept to throw them for a loop. It could be the big secret of the reboot — that when the dude is sent back in time to save Sarah Connor — he doesn’t realize he’s been sent into a DIFFERENT TIMELINE.

How, exactly, this would work in what would be a new, open-ended franchise, I don’t know. But that’s why they pay Hollywood suits the big bucks.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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