I Miss The Old Playboy

by Shelt Garner

This isn’t Playboy, but this is the vibe I miss.

I am WELL AWARE of the dark side of Playboy Magazine. And, yet, I’ve reached an age where I think back to what we once had with Playboy and think we’ve lost something. The social function served by Playboy of yore is now filled by OnlyFans and Treats! Magazine.

OnlyFans isn’t my thing. And I would dabble in owning a few issues of Treats! Magazine, but for the fact that inevitably some family member would discover my stash of the high end nude magazine and think I was some sort of perv. That, even though Treats! Magazine is REALLY GOOD. They have great photography (if nothing else.)

That’s the thing about the old print Playboy. It actually *did* have great articles and it did push a lifestyle that men of all ages could aspire to. But, like I said, the dark side of all of that was so dark that, meh, maybe good riddance.

Thinking about Playboy does make me think about how fucked up entertainment is these days. We’ve all grown so woke that we’re so busy having gratuitous gay sex in movies and TV that we’ve loss sight of the power of regular old heteronormative monoculture T&A.

It’s gotten so bad that it’s some sort of scandal when Taylor Swift makes it clear in her music and performances that she fucks. I remember a point in the late 1980s, early 1990s when it seemed as though Madonna was determined to shove all of her deepest, darkest sexual desires down our throats in as public a manner as possible.

I suppose it’s possible that MAGA will get its way and regulate online porn out of existence to the point that porn pops out against in print magazines. And, yet, I also think that I’m just old and I’m struggling to live in this new age of ours.

It definitely seems as though it could be another generation before the pendulum begins to swing back towards the glory that is regular old heteronormative monoculture sex. We’ve got a good 20 years more of either people being too woke for straight sex in entertainment or too prudish for it on the Right.

I hate being old. And, I have to admit, I’m in something of a bad mood at the moment. I have no problem with freaky gay sex in mainstream entertainment, I just wish things like a print Playboy existed so you could see your favorite female stars show a little skin now and again without it being a big deal.

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