I Have Some Questions About That ‘ET’ In Miami

by Shelt Garner

Something curious happened in Miami the other day and it leaves me with a lot of questions. So, here’s what we know — a HUGE number of Miami police officers rushed to the scene around one of the malls in Miami. They apparently went to the scene because a bunch of teens were causing trouble and shooting off fireworks.

Ok, here’s where things get weird.

There is footage — in the dark, natch — of some sort of “creature” walking around the scene as well.

But here’s the catch — that’s all we got. There’s no up close, clear footage of such a huge creature walking around the middle of a major American city. You’d think SOMEONE would have a cellphone with a camera and have recorded the incident in a far less ambiguous manner.

And if there was some sort of space alien involved, where was there ship? And what happened later that night? Was the creature taken into custody by the police? And you mean to tell me that the single biggest event in Human History — Hard First Contact — just happened and everyone lulzed it? No leaks? No people screaming at the top of their lungs that aliens have landed?

It’s all very curious. It does give us a sense of what might happen if Hard First Contact did actually happen. I think you’d be surprised by how blasé people would be once it was clear that the ETs came in peace. I think (most) people would just shrug and move on to the next thing.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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