The Surreal World Of Online Celebrity Gossip

by Shelt Garner

The plague of alwaysonitis doesn’t just beset politics — a lot of people are a little too online when it comes to celebrity gossip, too. The way some people talk on Tik-Tok, you would think everyone is gay in Hollywood.

To be clear — most of Hollywood IS gay, but I guess what bothers me is when people make shit up that can easily be checked. Take, for instance, the freakishly tall — and freakishly gorgeous — Elizabeth Debicki. People on Tik-Tok breathlessly tell us Debicki is secretly dating Jessica Chastain.

A very simple search of Google shows that this is highly unlikely — Debicki is dating Kristian Rasmussen.

Anyway. People need to cool it. Or, at least, check things out before you “ship” people. Probably all that is happening is Debicki and Chastain were handsy at The Golden Globes — and Debicki came without her man — so people jumped to conclusions.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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