The Future Is Profound

by Shelt Garner

It is very possible that at some point between late 2024 and early 2025, humanity — because of Trump — could very well bomb itself into near-extinction.

But, let’s just suppose that we somehow avoid that fate. It definitely seems as though if we do avoid such a dire fate that within a decade, $10,000 humanoid robots will begin to enter the homes of the upper middle class and work their way downward from there.

That, not AI or robotics separately, is what we should be focused on — androids with near-human intelligence that begin to do everything around the home from wash dishes to build decks to babysit children to general home security. And it could happen far, far quicker than any of us are prepared to imagine.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what AI can do to the knowledge economy — just wait until AI-powered androids go after blue collar jobs. It will be the day the universe changes.

The Future Of AI & Robotics Is One & The Same

by Shelt Garner

It is clear to me that we’re all kind of missing the point about AI and robotics because they are actually one and the same. We only see them as two different projects because things are so primitive (in real terms.)

But the whole point of AI, in a sense, is to stick into a robot. Or, to be more specific — to give the AI the OPTION of being stuck in a physical robotic body if it needs / wants to be.

The implications of this are enormous. Because rather than thinking of AI as a disembodied voice or text prompt, we have to start thinking of AI as something that physically lives with us. Just as we can’t escape the Internet these days, there’s a chance we won’t be able to escape our new AI personal digital assistants.

They will be everywhere and nowhere to the point that wherever we are — they will be.

Profound Macro A.I. Issues

by Shelt Garner

While America has gradually freaked out over the last 20 years about declining birth rates by leaning into racism in the guise of MAGA, the Japanese 40 years ago started working on robotics. Many of the same problems that America faces, the Japanese face, too, only more so because they aren’t as cool with immigration as the States.

Here are three really profound uses of AI enabled androids going forward.

Elder Care
The moment there are $10,000 AI-enabled androids on the market, they probably are going to be used to take care of old people in some capacity. Not only is America growing older — a lot of GenX people don’t have any children or grandchildren to take care of them. As such, it would make a lot of economic sense to throw money into androids that would take care of old people. This, of course, will throw the economy out of whack because a lot people make a good living off providing the elder care service. And if androids are smart enough and good enough to do elder care, then, of course, those same androids will start to come after nursing jobs, too.

Child Care
This is a lot more tricky because it deals with the far more intangible issues of emotional and mental development. But I’ve been really shocked at how well AI has managed to do things that we all thought was exclusively the domain of humans in the arts, so, lulz? It seems possible that some future version of chatbots might have enough empathy and dexterity to keep an eye on a young human for a few hours. It is possible that in the near future, there will be a lot of talk not of “latchkey kids” but “android kids” who have been raised by androids for much of their lives.

This is just as tricky as child care, but it seems inevitable. It is seems inevitable that domestic androids will be programmed at some point in the near future to do basic home security. Now what happens if they actually get into a fight with someone breaking into a home is something pretty profound.

There remains a lingering demographic problem across the Western world — people just aren’t having enough babies. In the United States, this “birth dearth” has led the Right to lose its fucking mind. So, I suppose it’s at least POSSIBLE that as part of the shift towards an android-based economy that there is a chance that MAGA will evaporate.

I hope.

Let’s Talk About The Prospect of AI-Powered Androids In Homes