Struggling With Developing The #Scifi #Novel I’m #Writing In The Context Of #Screenwriting

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m slowly, but surely, beginning to understand what this story is about. As it stands, apparently this concept is heavily influenced by a few movies — not novels — that I really like. I really like The Martian, The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Those three movies are really influencing me as I struggle to develop this novel. I’m very much an extrovert, so the lone-wolf nature of writing a novel goes against my nature of socializing while I’m creative.

But I have no friends and I don’t want to write a screenplay — at least right now — so here I am. I do find myself thinking on a visual level the novel as I write it. I really like the fact that when you write a novel everything is up to you, the author, to present to the audience. With a screenplay, really, all you do is think up a concept, some conflict and a lot of dialogue and then sit back and wait for the director and the producer to have at it.

I definitely do what to write a screenplay at some point in the future, for no other reason than I have many, many movie concepts floating around in my mind that I want to explore. But I’ve really put a lot of effort into this novel’s development, so I going to keep pushing forward.

I just have to believe in myself.

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