#Brexit — Some Scenarios

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m an American. As such, I have a limited right to comment on what’s going on in Great Britain right now. But just for fun, I’m going to use my native enjoyment of scenarios to go through what might happen in the UK next regarding Brexit.

A Revolt
This seems like the least likely of outcomes. As of right now, the UK seems to be drifting towards some form of No Deal Brexit. People are angry, yes, but nothing concrete has happened that would be the tipping point that would radicalize one side or the other. It’s my impression that there is an element of Parliament that is claims they will defy the Government and stay in session no matter what. Should they do that and Boris Johnson send government forces into the Commons to forcibly dismiss them, that might be the tipping point needed to turn a lot of otherwise chill Brits into revolutionaries. Of course, the unsettling aspect of this I don’t know what the endgame would be. Once you rile up people in a liberal democracy to the point that they want a revolution, all kinds of wild events can unfold. That’s what democracy is designed to prevent. Whatever it is that might happen, however, would have to happen in the next few days. Otherwise, meh.

Nothing Happens Until No Deal Brexit Occurs
In this scenario, it’s not until No Deal Brexit actually happens that the revolution then civil war happens. Things are so dire that a lot of people who supported Brexit will realize the error of their ways. This would be the necessary spark to not only tear the UK apart, but even maybe have it become a republic. Again, let me stress that I’m working with just enough information on this subject to get me in trouble. This is just for fun.

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