Election 2020 — The Year America Has Its Own Brexit

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

Election 2020 is going to be the American version of Brexit. In every potential outcome I can think of, America will face a political clusterfuck not seen since 1860.

If Trump wins, he’ll dramatically consolidate power. We really will have the “Thousand Year Trump” that evil MAGA goon Brad Parscale keeps talking about. Of course Trump will overreach, going after free speech and the right to assembly. That will cause a response in the Blue States. By about June of 2021, we’ll be openly talking about either secession or Trump using the military to abolish the Blue State governments.

If Trump loses, it’s worse. Trump will claim it’s all a fraud. He will fight it in the courts. The courts are largely full of young, partisan MAGA hacks. They will side with him, no matter what. If that doesn’t work, he’ll dox individual Electors on Twitter. Republican dark money donors will bribe Electors. All he needs is just enough electors to go rogue that the election is thrown into the House where each delegation gets one vote. Trump “wins.” Trump “wins.” Trump “wins.” Trump “wins.” We’ll try to impeach Trump AGAIN, this time for fraudulently gaining the White House in an extremely brazen way, but he’ll be acquitted in the Senate.

What’s most, as all of this happens, Trump’s mental faculties will continue to deteriorate. He’ll be little more than a puddle. But he’s the avatar for existential problems in American society, so it won’t matter.

Throw in the likelihood that Russians will hack the election anyway, and the whole outcome is likely to be the subject of controversy that lasts for months after the election. The MAGA hack judges will always side with House Trump, so that only increases the odds Trump will “win.”

All of this will happen even if we’re in a Second Great Recession. America will be little more than Venezuela at this point. Don Jr. or Ivanka will be anointed Trump’s successor in 2024 and the process starts all over again.

Really, at this point, our best case scenarios are either a junta takes over or Blue States are allowed to leave the Union peacefully. Maybe some sort of EU-type situation is setup.

And you thought we had it bad now.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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