Struggling To Imagine A Post-Trump America

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

It’s such a struggle for me to imagine a post-Trump America because, well, I don’t see there end to any of this. If it’s not Trump, it’s Don Jr. or Ivanka or some other dipshit in that malignant family. America as we knew it is over.

But, just for fun, let’s mull what America after Trump might look like.

I think the key thing we have to understand is that House Trump isn’t going anywhere. As long as Trump is alive, he’s going to dominate the news and do everything in his power to ruin everything. So, in a sense, he’s now just a modern problem we have to deal with.

Also, whenever Trump should finally leave office, he’s probably going to pardon 50 people as soon as it’s obvious he might actually obey the law for once. Another thing — the dregs of Republican politics who have been running the country the last few years aren’t going anywhere. Trump has made a lot of careers and the connections they’ve made because of their connection to him aren’t going anywhere. They will continue to leech off the American people one way or another as long as their alive.

And the moment Trump somehow is magically not in office, Don Jr or Ivanka will start to run for president. They’re like herpes. The whole clan is going to be a chronic medical issue in American politics that simply will never, ever go away. In fact, the only way they will ever leave is if there’s a civil war and the Blue States successfully leave the Union. Then they’ll feast off the rotting carcass of the rump United States, whatever it may look like.

I’m feeling kind of sad for my country right now. But this is a macro issue. Usually the only way to solve a problem this bad in a nation’s politics is for there to be a war. But hopefully that won’t happen. I do see the bad guys winning for the next few decades until the browning of America finally reaching a tipping point.

Of course, much like Apartheid South Africa, MAGA and House Trump are likely to simply govern as minority for decades after they should leave.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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