I Often Wonder How The Tykes I Taught English In South Korea Ended Up

by Shelt Garner

Thankfully, to date, I’ve not had to have any awkward discussions with the grown-up versions of the little kids I attempted to teach English to back in the day.

I tried my best, folks.

I was very — colorful — back in the day and I can only imagine the weird memories they have of me. And as I grow older, I am reminded over and over again about how the smallest thing when you’re a kid can have a huge impact in later life.

I did my best to teach those then-children English, even if I constantly failed.

I suppose I’m over thinking all of this. I will probably be a few more years before the children I taught English will be willing to put the energy into a quest to talk to me.

Though, I will note that that very thing would be a great movie for a Korean-American to write, produce and direct. Think of it as a successor to Past Lives with a bit of Lost In Translation and To Sir, With Love mixed in for good measure.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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