Australia Is Having A Moment

by Shelt Garner

Occasionally, a nation will have a cultural “moment” on the global stage that just can’t be faked. Though, of course, the fact that the “Korea wave” was thought up by the IMF for Korea as a way to get more cash into their economy should be taken into consideration.

Australia’s G-Flip.

Anyway, I’ve noticed an uptick of great rock music coming out of Australia. I love pop-rock music, the type of music that used to populate the Top 40. The issue is, of course, that rock is no longer pop. So, as such, rock has pretty much gone underground.

Rock is dead, and all that.

And, yet, there are a several nations, including Great Britain, Sweden and, of course, Australia where good old pop-rock music is still thriving.

The fact that rock is no longer pop in the USA is very…frustrating and curious. Anyway, all I can say is keep an eye out on Australia. I suspect some pretty great pop culture is going to come from Down Under, in a way not seen since INXS and Men At Work.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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