What The Fuck Is Going To Happen To SNL?

by Shelt Garner

I’m no expert when it comes to SNL — I once totally screwed up when the 50th year of the show is — but I still am concerned about its fate. Saturday Night Live serves an important cultural purpose and it has so much love built in that I suspect that it will survive, even after Lorne Michaels retires.

I have heard a rumor that Netflix is interested in starting it’s own live sketch show. It could be that the stars might align in such a way that just as SNL is about to change in a big way that Netflix swoops in an buys the expensive franchise off of NBC.

Stranger things have happened.

I do think that next year is going to be very turbulent in more ways than one. It could be that we’re too busy dodging bullets to have a SNL 50th anniversary. Or maybe Tyrant Trump will arrest everyone at SNL before the 50th. Who the fuck knows.

But I do think it’s possible that there might be something of a panic in Hollywood if it seems as though when Michaels leaves that NBC will pull the plug on SNL. That could be the fixation of most of the pop entertainment news media for a few months while everything is unknown.

I honestly have no idea. I will note that maybe we’re in something of a vibe shift and, as such, it could be that the era of SNL is just about to end and Something New is about to take its place. It could be that some combination of immersive media, AI and the Apple Vision Pro will revolutionize media to the point all of this is very moot.

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