Down The Rabbit Hole

by Shelt Garner

First, let me get some things about of the way. Because of macro, existential issues with the United State on a political and sociological level, Trump could murder Joe Biden live on Fox News and nothing would happen. Nothing. Trump would simply bribe Electors to vote for him and get his Constitutional Convention soon afterwards.

So, honestly, there’s nothing that could hurt Trump politically at this point. Maybe if Trump was directly blamed for the DPRK vaporizing Alabama, that might do the trick. Then the Senate might put country over party. But even then, it’s debatable.

Thus, anything that might otherwise harm Trump politically is simply a lulz. And, yet, my curiosity is piqued by a celebrity law firm that recently got its files hacked. The hackers claim they have damaging information on Trump, the law firm says they’ve never worked with Trump.

As such, it seems as though we’ll find out soon enough — the hackers claim they’re going to release the files on Thursday. I will note in passing that someone in Singapore of all places is interested in some of my writing on this Website about Trump being suspected of getting a model pregnant then forcing her to have an abortion.

It makes no sense that the hacking and the (now proven false) accusation could, in anyway, be connected. There are plenty of other reasons why someone might be interested in that information. It’s just curious.

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