The Vision Thing: A Podcasting Network For The Vibe Shift

by Shelt Garner

It definitely seems as though the primordial goo is out there in the media world for a new media outlet to rush out of the void. As I’ve said before, given that all other media is mature, it would make a lot of sense if it was some sort of podcasting network.

Here’s out I would roll it out. And, let me be clear, I’m just following the general way that the old Gawker Media was rolled out back in the day.

NYC (snarky coverage of the city, publishing, etc)
Washington (sort of a snarkier version of Pod Save America)
LA (Hollywood, etc)
Silicon Valley (A snarkier version of the “All In” Podcast)
Sports (Something similar to Barstool)

If I did any of this, each one of these podcasts would come out at least once a day, probably in the mornings and would be at least 30 minutes long, if not an hour.

Anyway. No one listens to me and no one cares. It’s just annoying that there is this opportunity and no one will do anything with it.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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