What The Fuck Is Going On At Crooked Media?

by Shelt Garner

Now, I get the sense from my Webstats that the Crooked Media people are very….uhhh….paranoid? about what is written about them on even rather obscure, mundane blogs like this. Whenever I mention them in some way, I get pings from URLs which are CLEARLY connected to them in some way.

The most famous of these was when Jon Lovett literally used one of my posts to go through and answer a series of questions about his status at Crooked Media. Hearing him do it on the podcast was rather eerie and surreal.

Anyway, ever since the crisis surrounding Biden’s age has begun, Pod Save America seems very much elitist, out of touch and off the rails. The base clearly — CLEARLY — does NOT want Biden to drop out. And, yet, there the PSA hosts are, continuing to “just ask questions” as if they’re not shooting themselves in the foot.

(I, for my part, have a very nuanced view on all of it — Biden should stay in, but he is too old and probably should drop out for the sake of the country…but he won’t do it, so lulz?)

It will be interesting to see if this post catches the eye of some Crooked Media intern.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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