by Shelt Garner

It appears as though I’m just going to have to risk it and wait until the spring querying season to query. The new version of the novel is much, much better, but, lulz, I’m rather concerned about what is going to happen this fall and winter.

So, it could be that a copy of the novel will be in my “bugout bag” as I race towards safety somewhere in the North as the country collapses around me. I suppose if Project 2025 is implemented peacefully, then maybe the overall arc of the six novel project — which is about how much I fucking hate MAGA will make it really popular….while I complete it in exile.

Or something. Something dark and depressing like that.

I’m quite sober now, thank you very much.

But the big thing I have to do is buckle down and take all of this more seriously. I have got to keep reminding myself that I am not getting any younger and if I don’t write a novel good enough to query soon, I will be 60 years old and STILL won’t have even gone through the querying process.

I am determined to at least get that far sooner rather than later. And I do have a number of really great scifi novel concepts I can work on as well.

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