Bill Clinton’s Legacy, A Reassessment

by Shelton Bumgarner

Then President Bill Clinton’s impeachment was the first major political event of my adult life. I felt so strongly about it all, that I wore perhaps wisely, a black armband to work to signify my opposition to it. But now, 20 years later, we find ourselves forced to reassess his legacy because of the numerous horrible accounts of sexual misconduct that people are finally beginning to take seriously.

All of this is complicated because the Right is quick to point out that Hillary Clinton “stood by her man” through it all an as such is “complicit.” Before it’s over with the MAGA people are all but demanding you vote for Trump again and you’re left shaking your head given what Trump is accused of doing, as well.

But let me be clear: if the only way I can get Trump out of office is to say Bill Clinton should have resigned 20 years ago, then so be it. He should have. Now what. Now will Trump leave office so we can go back to fighting over the usual stupid shit instead of having to worry about an unhinged president potentially being the death of us all?

It is an embarrassment to the American experience that we even having this argument over Bill Clinton versus Donald Trump in the first place. Both are self-evident in their loathsomeness on a human level and I will gladly concede Bill Clinton’s status as a monster if the other side will do the same for Donald Trump and agree with me that he needs to immediately leave office, never to be heard from again.

But they won’t. The MAGA people are so deluded by the political blackhole that is Donald Trump that they are completely unable to see the actual, legitimate more equivalency of what Bill Clinton did and what Donald Trump did. They’re all such raving sycophantic lunatics that all they can see is the bad of the their political opposition and the good of their God king. They simply can’t comprehend that by attacking Bill Clinton that they are admitting, in effect, that Donald Trump did was, like, bad and stuff.

It’s all really surreal. It’s all tragic and surreal and difficult to process. I don’t really know how things progress from this point. What Bill Clinton is accused of doing is really bad and, like I said, if the only way I can get rid of Donald Trump is to say Clinton should have resigned 20 years ago, then so be it. But at this point it doesn’t make any difference either way, really.

Bill Clinton isn’t president anymore and Donald Trump definitely isn’t going to resign.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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