‘Be Careful What You Wish For…” — A Fairy Tale

This is a retelling of one of my favorite stories I wrote for The EduTimes in South Korea. Again, my intent is not to be misogynistic. But this gives you some sense of my state of mind in 2007.
Be Careful What You Wish For…
By Shelton Bumgarner
Once upon a time, two guards were in front of a city gate, protecting it from enemies. The summer sun shone down on them harshly and they were sweating greatly. They grumbled to each other that they wished they were inside, chatting with cute girls. Mid-day came and they noticed a colorful, musical collection of people coming towards them. The closer the joyful parade came to them, the more curious to two guards became.
Soon the caravan stopped and a gorgeous woman stood before the two guards. She smelled wonderfully and was wearing sheer clothes that sparkled in the hot summer sun.
“Hello there!” she said. “My name is Gaia and I’m the leader of this merry band of women who are looking for a place to stay for the night. We come in peace and we’ll make your every dream come true.”
The two guards look at each other suspiciously. How could it be that such a thing was real. They knew for a fact that there were many men inside the city gates who would love to entertain any one of the beautiful women in the group before them. Gaia came very close to the two guards, close enough to kiss them.
After a moment, the two guards thought the same thing together — most of the people in front of them are women, there’s nothing to worry about.
So they opened the gates and let Gaia’s people in.
That night, the city was in chaos. The women of Gaia’s group had seduced every man they could and wives and girlfriends were starting fights left and right. In the confusion, a small group of the caravan’s men snuck into the city’s treasury and stole as much money as they could. The next morning the city awoke to the Gaia and her caravan gone, with much less money than they had before.
The End.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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