Fairy Tale: The Dream Box

This is not meant to be nearly as misogynistic as it might seem. It’s just about how being in a relationship isn’t always that great. And I was trying to think of a way to talk about sexbots taking over the world because of the demands of “incels.”

The Dream Box
By Shelton Bumgarner

Once upon a time, a young man named Coy was lonely. He searched high and low for a girlfriend, but he could find none. He was very sad, so very sad. He bumped into an old friend who told him he might find some help finding a girlfriend at the spooky old house where an old inventor lived.

Coy rushed to the old spooky house and opened the door. He found the old inventor tinkering away at his desk. Coy eagerly explained his problem — he wanted a girlfriend. The kind old inventor took one look at the young man and pointed to a large machine. The wise old inventor said that was his latest invention, The Dream Box.

The young man went up to The Dream Box and spoke his wish, “I wish every young man gets a girlfriend from now on! No young man will ever be lonely again!” The inventor flinched and realized he’d made a horrible mistake. Sure enough, The Dream Box opened up and girlfriend after girlfriend came out of the box. The first one to come out of the box made a beeline to Coy.

At first things were great. But within days, Coy, too, realized he’d made a mistake. His girlfriend began to demand he change his life in ways he didn’t like. But because of the wish, he couldn’t break up with her. So, too, did every other young man in the world realize this. So until the sun no longer set, the girlfriends ruled the world with an iron fist.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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