Fairy Tale: The Peasant

I used to write fairy tales when I was in South Korea. Here’s a new one just for fun.

The Peasant
By Shelton Bumgarner

Once upon a time, there lived a peasant Victor who believed he was destined to be a great hero. He was always looking for his chance to show his valor. While he was working the fields under the hot summer sun, he dreamed and dreamed that one day he would be invited to the emperor’s court and be given a mighty steed.

Victor was walking down a dusty path one afternoon when he was conked on the head by message that fell out of the sky. He looked up and saw a carrier pigeon flying away. He quickly read the message. It was very vague, but it seemed to between a spy telling about the affairs of state to the nation’s enemies. Victor ran as quickly as he could to his best friend Jack and the two men struggled to understand what it meant.

With great passion, Victor prepared to meet the spies at the appointed time as stated in the message, defeat them and be declared a hero by the emperor. Jack was less sure. The message was cryptic and he didn’t want to be seen a fool. He tried to tell Victor this, but to no avail.

The appointed time came and Victor jumped out of the shadows late at night to defeat the enemies of the state and be declared a hero. Alas, the message was not from a spy, but from the emperor’s lover. The emperor and his lover looked at Victor in shock. We don’t know what happened to Victor, but he was never heard from again.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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