Mulling 2020 Democratic Possibilities: Cynthia Nixon, Michael Avenetti….& Jon Stewart?

by Shelton Bumganer

It is way, way, way too early to even begin to speculate on who will be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, but I’m going to do it anyway. There are any number of insane things that could happen between now and 2020, so much so that this idle speculation on my part is almost entirely moot.

But here goes.

Cynthia Nixon
When it comes to Ms. Nixon, it all rides on her ability to win the New York governorship. If she wins, she’s pretty abruptly at the front of the line for presidential candidate. She’s young, smart, an actress and a passionate advocate for progressive goals. But she has to get over the hump of winning the race immediately before her. She wins it, she’s golden. She’s pretty much at the sweet spot of what The Resistance wants right now, at least in my view.

Michael Avenetti
The thing about Avenetti is I don’t know anything — in real terms — about his politics. We run the risk of imbuing him with whatever policy we want him to have, much like Republicans did with Trump. But he’s got the personality, street smarts and social media skills to at least give Trump a run for his money.

….and, lastly, the wildcard,

Jon Stewart
I only put Stewart in this one because as I keep saying, the only person in middle-school who can successfully confront the school bully is the class clown. So, Stewart would be ideal to defeat Trump in 2020. I thought Stewart might run for governor of New Jersey, but he let me down. So, unless Trump wins re-election in 2020 and Stewart runs for New Jersey governor next time around, it’s far less likely that he will run for office at all. Which is too bad. He’d make a great candidate.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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