A Political No-Win Situation

by Shelton Bumgarner

Let me be completely clear — the only reason why I keep talking about this is it’s a minor mystery and it’s…fun. It’s fun to talk about not only why I don’t know who — if anyone AOC is dating as well as what the consequences of her dating anyone would be. So it’s something that fun and doesn’t make me mad or upset, so I keep finding different angles to write about.

The reason why the far Left (I consider myself center-Left) thinks it’s “sad” to even broach this subject is a combination of things. One, they think its sexist that we might be talking about something we wouldn’t talk about when it came to a man — which is true. It is sexist. And, yet, politics for a woman is different than for a man as Hillary Clinton can attest.

Also, they don’t want to talk about the whole situation because they don’t want people thinking about it in the first place because once her romantic status becomes an issue, it’s a no-win for her. Let’s go through why it’s a no-win situation

If she’s single: if she’s single, then there’s a real chance everyone starts to talk about why is she single? Is she gay? Bi? Undatable? Does this mean something broader about her psychology? What’s worse, the moment we know she’s single, then more than a few Mr. Bigs are going to start circling her, hoping to use her as high-powered arm candy. Then the issue is, what’s her type? Does she date a Pete Davidson, or does she date some rando from The Bronx?

If she’s dating someone: if she’s dating someone, then who is she dating? How did they meet? Are they going to get married? Does she plan to have children? Is she going to pause her political career if she does?

So, I totally get why the far Left would poo-poo the idea that someone like me would randomly start to talk about this issue on a blog that about five people reach on any one day.

I feel that feel that what seems “sad” right now could very well become a minor political kerfuffle the longer AOC is in the public spotlight. My view is she should get ahead of this and get ahead of it quick. I am very empathetic to her views and wish her the best. The longer randos like me notice this mystery, the likelihood that MAGA assholes will strike and frame the debate in a manner that is the most damaging for her politically long term.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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