‘Write A Book’ — A Lyrical Homage To Taylor Swift Songs

The thing with this one is while tonally it’s an attempt at a Taylor Swift type song, it’s not properly done structurally. But the conceit is pretty good. I think.

‘Write A Book’
Lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
Please give credit if you produce or preform

Tapping my pen to pad
I see you across the coffee shop
And you smile
I smile back
‘Cause you seem
You seem like my type
That is
Out of sight

But will you walk over
And ask me my name
What would be the shame
You could make history
Or you could just

Write a book
Write a book
Write a book

I get up and walk your way
Hoping you’ll tell me what I wanna hear
What your name
What’s your claim to fame
But I walk on by without a sound
Feeling a little bit let down

But one day maybe it’ll change
Maybe one day my dream will come true
No more nightmares for me
I’ll be in the clear with someone dearl
Someone who wants to kiss
Instead of

Write a book
Write a book
Write a book

The truth is
Why is life so unfair
I have to wait for fate to arrive
Someone who makes me sigh
Waiting by the phone
With a grone

But in the end
All I can think is
I’ll find my name in a book
Knowing that a smile lead someone to

Write a book
Write a book
Write a book

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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