Why The ‘Let The People Decide’ Defense Of Trump Is Abject Horseshit

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

In normal times, Republicans would have a reasonable case to make that given how close we are to the 2020 election that we should “let the people decide” Trump’s fate.

Alas, we are not in normal times.

Can lose an election if it’s not free-and-fair.

Remember, the whole reason why Trump is in trouble is that 24 hours after he got an effective pardon due to the “bad optics” of Mueller’s testimony to Congress, he was on the phone with Ukraine looking for dirt on Biden. So, if we let Trump off so the “people” can decide, it may be a Russian person who makes the decision.

What’s more, this is another attempt to move the goalposts because if Trump wins the election on strictly Constitutional grounds — that is the actual humans who make up the Electoral College vote for him, no matter why — then they will say Trump won legally and why we even talking about this anymore.

Or, put another way, election meddling is obviously Trump’s thing. It’s his jam. Why give him a THIRD chance to fuck with an election? Why not let the people decide through their elected representatives as is stated in the Constitution?

Unless someone, somewhere, starts showing some courage, it looks like that’s exactly what is going to happen. Moscow Mitch blocks a trial in the Senate and Trump gets off so he can rig the 2020 election. Remember, Republicans no longer believe in liberal democracy and crave power for power’s sake.

If Trump turns the United States into a Russian-style “managed democracy” after the 2020 election, it’s a win for Republicans. And, really, the only potential flaw in this long-term strategy is Trump may go bonkers during the process that leads up to him having a 10 minute trial in the Senate.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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