Can The American Union Be Saved?

by Shelt Garner

The Right in the United States is making it very clear what its agenda going into the 2024 Election cycle is, as can be seen from this tweet.

When the American Right is openly talking about such anti-woman policies, it really begins to test my faith in the continued unity of the United States. I say this because the American Right through a combination of having a decades of momentum and its manipulation of our rotting political system, is probably going to make all of its dystopian hellscape dreams come true.

Which, in turn, makes one wonder — what will be the political consequences of them, yet again, catching the car? There are a few possible endgames. One is, they catch the car and rather than doing anything about it, about a million wealthy, well educated Americans on the center-Left just leave the country. Meanwhile, another option is Trump wins in 2024, he pushes the agenda above in such a ham-handed way that he is impeached and convicted or even deposed by the U.S. Military, which will, in turn cause Red States will leave the Union.

Those are just two possibilities. It could be that we just punt our problems down the road another four years by going some “third way” that I just can’t predict at the moment. But all the momentum is with the American Right’s anti-woman agenda at the moment and, as such, it definitely seems as though one way or another we’re all going to be pushed to the breaking point in late 2024, early 2025.

Either because Trump loses and he screams bloody murder about the need for a National Divorce to keep him, specifically, out of jail, or he wins, get deposed and Red States leave the Union as a sort of counter-revolution. But the key thing we have to consider is what the “Red Line” is for Traditionalists — especially Traditionalists women.

Remember, the US is a huge, diverse and decentralized country. Many non-MAGA conservatives just want kids back in cages. But when Traditionalists women get charged for having a miscarriage after the above agenda is introduced nationwide….it’s possible some unexpected political events might happen.

At the moment, at lot of Traditionalists live in a La La Land where they think, “Oh, no one would ever come after birth control.” And when the Right does, in fact, go after birth control….then what? Are they just going to shrug, or might they become Radical Moderates?

Only time will tell.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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