Should We Expect A Tay-Tay Bay-Bay Boom?

by Shelt Garner

The thing about Tay-Tay’s most recent relationship is how….fucking normal it is. Her relationship to a big lug football player is like the long-dead heteronormative monoculture crawling out of its grave in one last gasp. She’s not dating a woman. She’s not dating a trans man. Or any other variations one might think up.

He’s just a big lug with a good personality who treats her well.

That’s it. Nothing that MAGA should object to.

And YET, those fucking MAGA idiots are so consumed with their thirst for fascist power that they hate on Tay-Tay…because she wants people to vote? THAT is enough get MAGA riled up?

Those guys are so fucking pathetic.

But all this does make you wonder if maybe there might be a little bit of a Tay-Tay Bay-Bay Boom if she settles down and drops a few kids. Ms. Swift is a grow-ass woman, she can do what she likes, but, relative to her fan base, she’s a little old to still to be single sans a family.

Would any of that fan base decide to have a baby if Tay-Tay had one? I dunno. It’s difficult to game out. It could go either way. But Oprah is the closest we have to judge Tay-Tay against and she never had kids at the top of her popularity.

And, yet, whatever. I don’t care. Just come out with a rock album, Tay-Tay.

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