Not Drinking Sucks

by Shelt Garner

They say there’s nothing worse than a dry drunk. And, here I am…a dry drunk. It’s very annoying. And, yet, at the same time, sobering up needed to be done. I was kind of in a drunken haze for most of the day and there were bound to be physical implications to doing such a thing eventually.

I just hate being one of THOSE people who blather on about how long they’ve been sober. I’m sober against my will and I don’t want anyone’s support or praise.

I only even talk about it because I’m 100% extroverted and I talk about whatever is on my mind — hence how much I talk and write about the state of my novel.

Anyway, this is a New Era in my life and it’s a bit jarring. But I just don’t see how there’s any other option. I probably should have cut this particular problem off at the pass a long time ago, but I was having fun.

No more fun.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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