We Live In An Age Devoid Of Nuance

by Shelt Garner

Because of fucking social media, the most extreme views on both sides of the political spectrum get amplified to the point that they dominate any discussion. There are a number of pet issues of far Left that just give me a headache to even think about.


And, yet, because of how fucked up American politics are, I have to defend them from crazed MAGA Nazis.

I give some of these more extreme issues a lot of thought. Maybe too much thought.

But, in the end, I realize I’m a one issue voter — I want to live in a traditional Western democracy.

I feel as though a lot of the weird, exotic things that the far Left clings so tightly to are not only outliers, but, in the end, they would be sorted out of we just had a functioning democracy.

That’s all I want — a functioning democracy.

But I am really growing alarmed at the extreme radicalization of the MAGA Nazi right. They are so consumed with the “vibes” that they are willing to burn everything to the ground just so they can establish the “moralistic state” where the state dictates peoples moral behavior.

And, of course, the most bonkers element to all of this is MAGA people are at the same time people who rant about how they “just want to be left alone.” But when you mention women’s reproductive rights and how women have a right to be “left alone” suddenly — SUDDENLY — they get mad and say that THAT is different.

Anyway. Everything is fucked up.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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