I’ve Proven My Point…

by Shelt Garner

I’ve proven my point — I actually have finished a novel. It’s a coherent novel of about 120,000 words. And, yet, the reviews from readers have been not-so-great. As such, back to the drawing board.

The chief complaint is it’s too “saucy” — it has too much sex. But just from my reading of it as a I rewrite it, I also notice that it’s not very cohesive. So, the point of this new version of the novel is to give it a cohesive vision that will make the general reading public –and more specifically literary agents — want to finish the whole damn thing.

But it’s going to be a while.

I’m shooting for no later than maybe September to finish the new version, but it could be more like October or November. And if it take that long, then I might as well just pause and wait until the spring to query the damn thing.

Of course, all hell may break loose around that same time, so, lulz, all my hard work will be moot. But I will note that I have a number of other novels in this same series of novels to write.

And, what’s more, I have a growing number — with the help of AI — of scifi novels that I really want to write as well.

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