Examining The Crucial UX Elements Of My Proposed Twitter Replacement

by Shelt Garner

I’ve finally concluded that I’m totally and completely wasting my time to think about this idea anymore, and, yet I have gotten at least one ping in my Webstats related to this, so, lulz, let’s waste some MORE time.

A sample of my vision for the UX of a Twitter replacement.

Also, it definitely seems as though there is a very, very narrow window of opportunity for someone to actually implement this idea. I’m a dreamer and a writer so, as such, it’s better if I just stick to working on my novel(s) rather than spending years learning how to code something that will ultimately be replaced by a combination of the metaverse and chatbots.

Ok, the key selling point of this concept is is brings back some really cool UX concepts that we somehow lost when Usenet finally succumbed to porn and spam and porn spam. The cool thing about Usenet was you had a full page Posts that were robustly threaded in the context of Groups. What’s more, you had in-line editing.


Now, obviously, some of this sums up modern-day Reddit and that would be the thing most people would initially compare the service to because no one remembers Usenet except for weirdos like me. And, in real terms Reddit is the closest approximation to Usenet that exists.

But the implementation is really ham-handed, at least in my view.

Imagine if everyone when they went through on-boarding was forced to created both public and private groups devoted to not just grouping their friends, but also creating the equivalent of really robust Facebook Groups combined with Twitter Lists.

And there would be a lot of innate redundancy in the system, to the point that Groups would be seen as disposable. This would, in turn, reduce the likelihood of not only a Group growing too large, but also the sort of in-ward looking thinking that alienates people who just want to discuss a topic without having to lurk for weeks while they read the Group’s FAQ.

That’s a key element of Twitter — there is almost no learning curve. One can just jump in and start tweeting. The downside to this is, of course, this makes it far easier for trolls and bots to flood the service.

Anyway, if you establish a service where you have a full page Post with in-line editing and robust threading, I think it would be instantly popular. After, of course, people stopped trying to figure out why you had just re-created Reddit (which you hadn’t.)

There are so many cool things you could do with the UX of this service. You could push entire pre-formated Webpages into the service that Users could pick apart via in-ling editing. You could have some sort of profit sharing agreement with content providers whereby they push into the service complete Webpages with their ads already in the pages.

Or something. Something like that.

The point is — none of this is going to happen. While there IS a very narrow window of opportunity because of the current Elon Musk-generated instability at Twitter…no one listens to me.

An Ideological Blueprint For A Second Russian Revolution

by Shelt Garner

Absolutely no one listens to me. And I’m no expert on Russia, but I do love scenarios. So, here’s my back-of-the-envelope scenario for a Second Russian Revolution.

It seems to me the main issue facing Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union is Russia has had an identity crisis. It really doesn’t know what it is. It doesn’t really have a core set of beliefs that it can hang its national Id on. So, if the Russian government collapsed and there was some sort of 1917-like power vacuum, what I would do is grab the nearest Romanov and proclaim them the new tsar.

I, being the real power behind the throne, would then dress up my cause with the built-in legacy of the Russian Empire. But I would flip the script and promise people a constitutional monarchy with an iron-clad bill of rights. I would also promise extensive economic reforms meant to pull Russia into the 21st century.

Russia has the potential to be a major economic power — especially with in the context of global climate change. So, as part of your revolution, you do some creative destruction and dramatically reform a whole host of different aspects of the Russian economy.

I would also promise that if I got control of the government that I would totally re-imagine the Russian military infrastructure.

Anyway. I’m a nobody in America. I just had to get that out of my system.