The Implications Of Big Tech Concealing A ‘Soft Singularity’

by Shelt Garner

Let me qualify what I’m proposing — I’m simply looking at what appears to be happening (Big Tech can read our minds via our phones) and then playing out the implications of such a theory.

I could be totally wrong. It’s very possible. But some of Tik-Tok’s apparent abuses of digital telepathy have made it seem so obvious to me that some sort of Soft Singularity has happened without anyone telling us that I have to talk about it.

Let’s review the evidence as to why I think a Soft Singularity has happened. First, Facebook some time ago patented mind-reading technology. Second, repeatedly over the last year or so, I’ve noticed being pushed ads that are so specific to what I’ve been THINKING about that no possible algorithmic explanation makes any sense.

What’s more, especially with Tik-Tok, there is an abstract nature to some of the things I’ve been pushed that is alarming. If you work on the assumption that my mind is being read by my phone, it’s not like they know the word “GIRL” is at the forefront of my mind, it’s as if they actually are rooting around my mind to the extent that they can push videos of “GIRL WHO LOOKS LIKE ANNIE SHAPIRO.”

The prospect of that going on with millions of Tik-Tok users, not just me, is extremely dark and surreal. It starts to make you think about the moral implications of Big Tech (especially a Big Tech company so close to the Chinese government) knowing that much about a big chunk of the American population.

Not, at this point, let me be absolutely clear — if I’m missing some way that they can simply figure out that I like girls who look like a specific woman that I think about a lot via algorithmic assumptions, then, so be it. I will feel a lot better. But, even then, the algorithms would be so good at their job, that that, in itself, would be cause for alarm.

So, I guess what I’m suggesting is it’s at least possible that technology has advanced a lot further than we think.

The Thing About Space Aliens

by Shelt Garner

The thing about space aliens is I suspect that there is some sort of growing down low consensus in the scientific community that the universe is probably full of life — much of it intelligent and space fairing.

But, to date, there have just been very tiny clues that indicate this is the truth.

What’s more, you could actually know this to be an absolute fact and if you don’t have any proof to back you up, absolutely no one will believe you.

That’s the wild thing about this subject — unless you have absolute proof that aliens exist, then, lulz, you’re a crazy person.

This makes you wonder not only what the aliens may be waiting for, but why we’re having growing a bit of evidence here and there that they exist in the first place. Are we reaching a point in our technological advancement that we’re interesting to aliens? Are we seen as a threat to them or ourselves?


I don’t expect any First Contact any time soon. But it is something to think about. It’s a least possible that there’s a lot more going on out there in space than we might think.

Only time will tell exactly what.

Eyes Wide Shut: Big Tech’s Digital Telepathy

by Shelt Garner

Let’s think about this. Why, specifically, have I come to the conclusion that Digital Telepathy is being used rather widely right now. Given that they’re using the Internet to do this, I guess maybe you might call it Internet Digital ESP? I feel like Big Tech has some sort of buzzy cooperate speak that they use when they’re talking about this technology in a meeting.

Tik-Tok can read our minds.

Anyway, back to the point.

I’m know for not only being wrong all the time, but occasionally thinking up some pretty weird ideas. And, I guess this could be another instance of that. I mean, just because Facebook has a patent for Digital Telepathy, doesn’t mean that Tik-Tok has it and is using it.

So, what has me so convinced?

I would have to say Tik-Tok’s abuse of its For You Page is what did it. When they have narrowed down the specific phenotypes of women who have been important to me over the years to the point that I find myself saying, “Hey, that girl looks like Annie Shapiro!” something is going on.

I’m on to you Big Tech.

Let’s talk about that.

There are two female phenotypes that have made a big impression on me over the years. One of them is that of the late Annie Shapiro. That they would find a young lady that looks soooooooo much like Annie Shapiro Means Something. Our choices are that they’re using AI along with some significant rooting around on my phone so make some pretty astonishing inferences about the type of women I like, or, more directly, they are rooting around in my wetware, if you will.

I feel ya, Martha.

When you start to think that it’s not even Google or Facebook, but fucking Tik-Tok that is rooting around in my mind, the implications can make you sick to your stomach. You definitely get a sense of mental rape. Is Annie Shapiro still so important to my mind that they are able to figure out that for emotional and sentimental reasons I like girls who look like Annie Shapiro? Or even more ominous — to what extent have they hacked into my subconscious!

The implications of that alone would be staggering.

Because if Tik-Tok can peer into the subconscious minds of its uses, what’s to stop them (the Chinese government) from at some point using that information and / or selling it to the highest bidder?

I have no idea if my suspicious are in any way based in reality. I’m sure someone at Vox has it all figured out and I’m just pulling this out of my butt like usual. But….it definitely seems as though something…odd is going on.

The Implications Of ‘Digital Telepathy’

by Shelt Garner

Talk about future shock.

If Big Tech is secretly using the Internet to read our minds, the implications are massive. One question I have is are they storing what they know about us somewhere, or is it some sort of ephemeral point-to-point thing? I think if my fears are real, then what’s happening is there’s a massive amount of processing power being used that is being hidden from us.

Or, to put it another way, while we were all being “entertained” by the Trump Show, some pretty massive technological changes were being slipped past us without us realizing it.

We can read your mind…

If Facebook, Google and Tik-Tok aren’t storing what they know about our minds, they probably are working towards it. Even more interesting is who knows this stuff? What if someone goes rouge and starts to use what they know about our most personal thoughts to make money? I guess if you had the information of enough minds in aggregate at your disposal, you could predictively play the stock market quite effectively.

I guess what I’m trying to say is — what if the Singularity happened an The Powers That Be didn’t tell us? If they’re hiding Digital Telepathy from us, would they even tell us if hard AI came into existence? What the fuck is Silcom Valley up to? What’s their vision?

Now, let me be clear — it’s not like I think they’re out to get ME. I’m a random no body that no one listens to me. I’m just a crank. They have absolutely nothing to worry about — no one is listening to me, no one cares what I have to say and I can pretty much just rant about this obvious scandal and nothing will happen other than people will just roll their eyes and think I’m crazy.

My only response is the Martha Mitchell Syndrome — I know the truth and everyone thinks I’m crazy just like how she knew about Watergate just about when it happened.

To me, it’s not so much that they can read my mind it’s that they’re hiding it from us. If they were to slowly let the cat out of the bag, to let our minds get used to the idea that they can be read…then, lulz. But Big Tech is setting itself up for it’s own “disruption” if they start to use Digital Telepathy not only as a crutch, but as a secret money making opportunity.

Not cool, guys, not cool.

The ‘Soft Singularity’ Is Here: Big Tech’s Brazen Implementation of ‘Digital Telepathy’ is Alarming

by Shelt Garner

The old Arthur C. Clarke quote when it comes to such matters is, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think of this quote as I use Tik-Tok and realize it’s reading my mind. I don’t know the specifics and I don’t know the extent, but it’s happening.

I’m not saying that Tik-Tok, Facebook and Google aren’t monitoring every aspect of my Internet use in other ways — they obviously are — but there is absolutely no way I’m getting some of the For You Page suggestions I’m getting on Tik-Tok unless they have figured out a way to literally read my fucking mind.

If these eerie things happened once or twice, then, yes, I probably could think of any of different ways they might have figured out that I like a certain female phenotype or that this or that thing was important to me in my internal monologue.

But it happens all the fucking time!

Me, 2020.

So, I can only come to the conclusion that the Singularity isn’t just near, it’s here! And if there is now commercial application of such Singularity technology as digital telepathy, then just imagine what the NSA, CIA or MI5 are now using on a regular basis.

It just seems very possible that Tik-Tok is going to screw up in some way. Or Facebook. Either one of those two I could see deciding to sell what they know about our minds to some nefarious group that turns around and uses it to do something we learn about later.

Imagine if the average person was presented with absolute proof that Facebook or Tik-Tok sold their innermost secrets to the 2024 Trump Campaign. Or the Russians. And, remember, Tik-Tok is tight with the Chinese government. That’s a clusterfuck just waiting to happen.

Or, put another way, if digital telepathy is being used as much as I believe it is, someone, somewhere is going to screw up. Knowledge is power. And if Big Tech wants to keep Digital Telepathy a secret instead of slowly letting people know of its existence, there’s going to be a massive scandal that could destroy companies that abuse it like Google, Facebook and Tik-Tok.

I know this sounds nuts. But I’m simply using cold hard facts and putting logic to use. And, remember, this is coming from someone who generally hates conspiracy theories.

Tik-Tok Is Extremely Brazen About Reading My Mind Using Digital Telepathy

by Shelt Garner

Tik-Tok is going to get Big Tech in trouble. Let me give you an example.

Recently, I came out of the shower and looked on the floor. I saw how wet the floor was and thought about how I didn’t want to get my feet wet.

I did not tell anyone this. I didn’t write a blog post, text any one, nothing. The concept’s sole existence was in my mind.

Within moments, I looked at my Tik-Tok For You Page and, surprise, what video do I see, but one about to keep your bathroom floor from getting wet when you take a shower.

This type of thing happens so often with Tik-Tok that they have to be reading my — and millions of other people’s — mind.

If Tik-Tok has this technology, then Facebook and Google do, too. (Facebook has a patent on such technology, by the way.) And it’s possible that was why Tik-Tok was so bent out of shape about giving its algorithm to any new American owner — they were worried their extremely good, extremely intrusive Digital Telepathy technology would fall into the hands of the Americans.

So, I suspect China’s government is using Tik-Tok to read American minds.

Of Gods (And Aliens): Trump Could Never Keep ETs a Secret

by Shelt Garner

I have a very, very, very long-running thought experiment in going in my mind that deals with a number of interesting concepts when it comes to aliens. One is, what if they — because of all the radio signals we’re sending out — knew everything about us and two, I wonder a lot about how we would deal with HUGE numbers of humans being given the opportunity to leave a dying Earth. If they act fast, of course.

In my imagination, this would be sort of a Chernobyl meets a Close Encounters type movie.

Anyway, I think I read once where your perception of God and your views on aliens were very similar. So, I guess I think of God as someone who is really chill who already knows everything about me so why worry.

Recently, there was something of a kerfuffle when some old dude suggested Israel and the US were talking to aliens. Now, there’s a lot going on there. Why Israel? If this was real, I suspect that person just KNEW about the aliens talking to Israel and the United States when, in fact, they were talking to a lot of powerful countries in the world.

But the big take away from this somewhat bonkers news story is how it can’t be real for a very specific reason: Trump could never keep such a secret. Never. What better way to have the most historic presidency in history than to be the guy aliens decided to have First Contact with?

He could never keep that to himself, damn the consquences.

So, it’s doubtful.

But the idea of First Contact is a really interesting one because you just never know how humanity would react to it. It’s endlessly facinating.

Facebook Isn’t ‘Cognizant’ — But It Can Read Your Mind: How Big Tech Hides Their Use Of Digital Telepathy

by Shelt Garner

While it’s still possible that I’m really pulling this one out of my butt, here’s what I think is happening.

Because Big Tech like Facebook, Google and now Tik-Tok know you would be enraged to learn they were actively thumbing through your mind without your permission, they make it so it’s hard to pin down. They really are monitoring your every move via your computer, so when they use Digital Telepathy in a really conspicuous and egregious manner, you write it off as you must have mentioned something to someone without remembering it.

So you think your phone is listening to you. Or Tik-Tok is realy rummaging through your phone. Or something. Anything but the obvious — your mind is being read.

People keep coming to this site looking for information about “Facebook being cognizant.” While given macro trends, that is definitely a possibility, it’s more likely those people had their minds read by Facebook and it’s freaking them out because they can’t see what happened.

The Consequences Of Big Tech Secretly Using ‘Computer Facilitated Telepathy’

by Shelt Garner

I have no idea if I’m right on this one, but again and again the last year or so, I’ve got a very weird feeling that the only possible explanation for what’s being served to me online is Big Tech can read my fucking mind.


Maybe not context — like *why* I’m thinking about such things, but they definitely know I’m thinking this or that thing. It happens all the time. Like, almost every day now.

How is this happening?

One, we know the technology exists because Facebook got a patent for it. So, it makes sense that Facebook could license such tech to others. And Chinese companies like Tik-Tok could have a whole different thing going on and wouldn’t know about it.

But let’s assume that, in a sense, we’ve reached a “secret” Singularity. A “soft” Singularity, if you will, with computer-based telepathy being a prime example of this.

If you assume that Big Iron’s data processing power has finally reached the point where it can not only aggregate the thoughts of a nation but monitor the thoughts of an individual person, then, wow-we-wow-wow is that a Pandora’s Box of problems.

I was so busy thinking about how the 2020 election might be determined by a Hunter Biden deep fake, I didn’t think about how 2024’s election might be won — or lost — because House Trump bought mind info from Facebook.

The implications to politics, the arts, commerce and advertising are astonishing if what I suspect is true. Even more so if The Powers That Be come to rely upon this information and then, surprise! we all find out about it and we have, say, the Mind Rape Scandal of 2025 or some such.

I’m the first to admit I have an exceedingly well-developed imagination — I am writing a novel, after all — but I’m really beginning to believe for once a “conspiracy” might be real. I don’t even think it would even be a real conspiracy — they’re not hiding it. We know the technology exists.

Big Tech just isn’t really doing; all that much to let us know they’re using it on us.

Elon Musk — There’s No Need Risking Giving People Lobotomies: Contactless Telepathy Tech Is Obviously Ubiquitous

by Shelt Garner

Get this. There’s a late woman named Annie Shapiro who really changed my life while I was in Seoul. I noticed a woman recommend to me on my “For You” page on Tik-Tok and struggled to figure out what was unusual about her.

Then it hit me: she was a ringer for the late Annie Shapiro.

The two women could be at least sisters.

Now, I know correlation is not causation, but I’m beginning to think the telepathic technology of big tech like Google and Facebook that I suspect exists apparently is all over the place — even Tik-Tok.

It blows my mind that Elon Musk would want to risk giving people lobotomies with his Neural Link technology, when he could just adapt the obvious non-intrusive technology that already exists to do the same Goddamn thing.

I guess that would require spooking consumers by admitting that for some time now, Google, Facebook and now Tik-Tok can read our minds. They don’t have context — not yet — but they can definitely read our minds. I’m beginning to think Tik-Tok is the most intrusive of these telepathic technologies.

If I’m right — and I’m often wrong — but if I’m right, then it’s almost inevitable that somehow, someway consumers are going to get woke to this and feel a sense of mind rape.

Who knows. No one listens to me.