From Russia With #FOTUS

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I check my Webstats constantly throughout the day. It’s been a personal obsession of mine for a very long time. Sometimes, things happen in my Webstats that are nothing short of curious.

The most recent example of this makes no sense — someone from Russia is definitely interest in me. Specifically, what I did about the long-debunked Fetus Of The United States (FOTUS) theory. I honestly can’t comprehend what why after all this time someone from Russia would be interested in something that I’m embarrassed to even think about.

All I can think of is it has something to do with the House Democratic Leadership thinking about poking around the Stormy Daniels scandal. Maybe they’re interested in the side issue of what definitely did not happen between Donald Trump and a former Playboy model.

Anyway. Meh.

Cohen Raid Memo Unease #FOTUS

by Shelton Bumgarner

I can’t sleep for some reason and so I have nothing else to do but think about what might be in the redacted Cohen raid document that court is supposed to release at some point Tuesday during business hours.

Probably nothing of note is going to happen, but there are some very gossamer datapoints that at least make feel a tingle of unease.

— I’m getting strange traffic in my Website’s Webstats when it comes to FOTUS. Like, at least one “usual suspect” has been looking at the site again after a long absence. He’s just the type of guy who would “know something” in advance, too. But what? Also, the occasional hits from CA and DC have popped up. These are just the types of sites you might expect someone “in the know” to come from if something REALLY BIG was about to drop connected to FOTUS.

— POTUS has been going batshit insane the last few days. Everyone’s been thinking it had to do with the Mueller Report maybe coming out, but what if it was — and I’m really pulling it out of my ass at this point — something FOTUS related?

Now, from my point of view it wouldn’t be so much that magically the Cohen raid document would somehow “prove” that FOTUS is real — ’cause it ain’t.

But there’s a real chance that even in redacted form, the document might allude to the suspicion on the part of the FBI that FOTUS did, in fact, happen and as such that would draw attention to the theory and by extension what I’ve written about this now very very very debunked idea.

And, it’s not like I’m going to endup on Maddow talking about this. If would be the dude from New York Magazine who first proposed FOTUS (though he to date has not called it this) who would be interviewed.

Should this scenario play out, however, there’s a little a minor chance that for a few hours tomorrow (Tuesday) my Twitter mentions might blow up as I have to explain over and over again why FOTUS is bullshit.

I keep saying it’s bullshit because, well, it is.

It’s been prove in court to be bullshit, Broidy’s property was raided and if FOTUS was real, wouldn’t it have somehow leaked out in conjunction with the Cohen imbriglio in the first place?

FOTUS just didn’t happen, but it’s possible that the Cohen raid memo might allude to FOTUS in some way and that, in itself, would be the thing that got people talking for a few days and be politically damaging to the president. Add to this The Mueller Report coming out soon (maybe?) AND No Deal Brexit on the horizon and….well…whoah boy.

I find the whole situation with Shera Bechard’s abortion tragic, regardless of who the father was and I wish it would get more attention. We need a proper airing out of her state of mind at the time that occured. The hypocrisy on that front is a little too much for me.

Another Embarrassing #FOTUS V-Log

By Shelton Bumgarner

Meh. Make of this what you will.

That #FOTUS Was Completely Debunked Will Be Looked Back Upon As One Of The Biggest Shocks Of The Trump Era

by Shelton Bumgarner

If today’s Elliot Broidy news says anything, it’s that it’s now rather comical in hindsight that anyone thought Broidy wasn’t Shera Bechard’s babydaddy. I have say — again — how sorry I am about my involvement in all that, but at the time it definitely seemed to make sense.

It all hinges on the cold hard fact that Shera Bechard really was just casually referred Keith Davidson to be her lawyer. The rest, as they say, took care of itself. Once Davidson got involved, then the fact that Broidy would picked sketchy Michael Cohen to be his lawyer in the Bechard imbriglio (what would have been FOTUS if Trump was the babydaddy) took care of itself.

So, as such, today’s news that Broidy was raided absolutely, 100% puts the whole thing to bed. If there had been ANYTHING to the story, we would have learned with HIS place was raided, not now months later. While I’m sure there’s plenty of dirty business going on at the nexus of Trump – Broidy — Cohen, Trump being Shera Bechard’s babydaddy ain’t it.

The things that I — and a few others — thought suggested Trump was the father was bullshit. Broidy and Bechard really were that good at covering up their entire relationship and Bechard really did have zero, ZERO connection to Trump other than they partied in the same circles in the most tenuous of ways.

But I do think that looking back on all of this, we’ll see the FOTUS non-event as one of the strangest twists in the Trump experience. We came to know enough about Trump that we realized it was pretty logical to assume what we know now to be absolutely false — that Trump knocked up Bechard and then dangled access in front of Broidy so he’d take the fall. We were looking at it from the wrong direction because the Keith Davidson angle didn’t seem to make any sense. The issue of the “high” number of $1.6 million for an abortion also was completely misinterpreted by people who were looking into it. Or, at least me.

And, yet, it did.

Must note one thing, though — the Russians are interested in this story. I have no idea why, but they are. Occasionally someone from deep within Russia, usually Moscow, will poke around my FOTUS information. Also, I fear this particular story is never going to die relative to my Webstats. It comes in waves as people hear bits and pieces of this now bullshit story and look at what I wrote, trying to figure it out for themselves. So, as such, I’ll probably write about it a little bit more now and then as weird things pop up in my Webstats. I think some of the Webstat uptick in interest into FOTUS that I saw last year probably happened about the time Broidy’s place was raided. I have absolutely no proof of this, but it would be enough to make me snort if somehow when they raided his place the people who did it became aware of what I’d written.

Or, if you really wanted to be paranoid, you could say Broidy was thinking about suing me for some reason when they raided his place. Oh boy. I’m flat broke and I honestly don’t what the point of doing so would be. Make my life hell to make himself feel better? I don’t know. All I can say is, again, how very sorry I am about my excitement over this case of mistaken babydaddy.

I’m really sorry that I wasted everyone’s time. Don’t know what more I can say about it. You gain your wisdom and move on.

#FOTUS — You Can’t Make This Shit Up, Now The Russians Are Interested

by Shelton Bumgarner

I have no idea why a tiny number of people accessing this site from Russia are looking for information about FOTUS, but they are. It totally makes no sense at all.

I just don’t understand what’s going on.

Night Of The Living FOTUS & Congressional Staffers

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m getting a little bit of an uptick in views of this Website from the D.C. area (in the middle of the night no less) and I think maybe, just maybe, it’s Congressional staffers who can’t sleep preparing for the Cohen testimony on Feb. 7th.

Or maybe not.

But I do think that the completely debunked FOTUS theory will pop up again in some way, maybe as a white noise associated with the fact that Cohen and Keith Davidson really did on a number on poor old Shera Bechard.

At least, that’s a theory.

V-Log: Weird How We’re Starting To Hear More About Michael Cohen Fixer Crimes

by Shelton Bumgarner

Weird things are afoot.

#FOTUS — The Cohen Tapes

by Shelton Bumgarner

Think of this a yet another final word on all of this.

#FOTUS — This Makes No Sense

By Shelton Bumgarner

I am at a loss. I have no idea what is going on. I continue to get a steady flow of interest in the now very debunked #FOTUS Theory from here and there around the world and it totally, utterly makes no sense. Why would anyone care about a theory that anyone who has been paying any attention knows isn’t true?

And, yet, since last week, I’ve had a steady little trickle of people who obviously are interested in…and I honestly am at a loss. It totally makes no sense what so ever.

It’s as if people are getting wind of something regarding the theory that on the face of it would be completely illogical and “big, if true” kind of thing. There was no cover story and we know what happened — Elliot Broidy got Shera Bechard pregnant and pretty much because of a very stupid dumb luck kind of situation it at one point appeared as if Trump was involved in some way.

And, weirdly enough, given what a piece of shit Trump is on many different levels, he was, in fact, not connected in anyway other than his personal fixer, Michael Cohen, being connected to Shera Bechard’s lawyer Keith Davidson.

But it’s as if deep in the bowls of the Internet, someone, somewhere, finds all of this interesting again for some reason. 

#FOTUS: — Deep Echo, Redux (What Is Going On?)

by Shelton Bumgarner

This makes no sense. It makes no sense at all that I continue to see an uptick in searches from all over the place about the FOTUS scandal theory. It it completely odd and puzzling on a number of different levels. The uptick has been pretty constant the last few days. People are really interested in what I’ve written about the now completely debunked FOTUS affair.

I honestly don’t know why this is. I thought it had something to do with Mueller’s sentencing memo of Cohen, but, obviously, it didn’t.

So, I don’t know.

The only possible somewhat within the realm of possibility I can think of is someone out there knows that for some reason Cohen is going to drop some of his tapes sometime soon. He allegedly did a shitton of them with some pretty important people and if somehow we actually heard him talk to Keith Davidson to screw over Shera Bechard, that would at least bring the whole imbroglio back into the back to the forefront.

That’s all I got. Really. The other, darker possibility is I’m somehow in trouble and am going to be sued. I haven’t done anything to warrant that — and I’m completely broke anyway — so that’s just me being paranoid (I think.)