#FOTUS Scandal Theory: Is Playboy Complicit In The Cover Story?

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m well aware of how obsessive I’m becoming over this. What’s generating this obsession is the severe cognitive dissidence associated with being told one thing (Elliot Broidy is Shera Bechard’s babydaddy) and knowing something significant: Broidy wanted access and Bechard used Trump’s go-to guy to represent women who he was working on an NDA with, Keith Davidson.

Those two issues keep rolling around in my head and they generate my obsession. I’m in a logic trap, much like HAL 9000 at the end of 2001. I’m being forced to believe something without enough information to feel comfortable that what I’m told be true is, in fact, true.

One thing I want to know is: WHAT DOES PLAYBOY KNOW.

It’s really driving me bonkers. Playboy is the weak spot of the cover story, if it is a cover story. They have a vested interest in helping their journalistic brethren learn the truth one way or another. I could even see The New York Times (or whomever) sweetening the deal for Playboy by saying they’d co-brand the results of the investigation. What more would Cooper Hefner want?

If Playboy actively helped with an investigation that had the potential to shame Trump out of office, they would have a credibility glow that would shine for a decade. Meanwhile, if they are complicit and don’t help they have an existential threat on their hands.

I don’t know. Just don’t know. It’s really rather perplexing. That Broidy dated someone like Bechard for two years and we have no proof of a romantic connection. That’s just wacky. It just seems so simple for Peter K. Stris to slip a Republican operative a picture of Bechard and Broidy together in some manner. That ends the speculation and Trump can go back to ruining the country I love so much.

Anyway, something has to give. Something has to break one way or another. Or maybe not. Maybe that’s Stris’ media strategy — radio silence. If he knows it’s Broidy then he has nothing to worry about. But if he knows it’s Trump and he’s laying low for a different reason entirely, well, we’re off to the races.

But I have been wrong so many times before that I’m working on the assumption what I don’t know is going to break Broidy’s way and I look like a moron. It has to be Broidy, it just has to be. Right? Right? Right?

Core #FOTUS Scandal Theory Questions

by Shelton Bumgarner

I hate having such inability to comprehend something which should be pretty obvious. As I have been saying a lot recently, what we do know points towards Donald Trump being the babydaddy, what we don’t know points towards Elliot Broidy. With that in mind, here are the absolute core questions that if you could answer, you’d know the truth.

1. Why did Shera Bechard pick Keith Davidson to represent her?
It has been suggested that she just “asked around” and someone mentioned Keith Davidson. The only way you can believe that is if Davdison is like the go-to guy for women in Bechard’s situation. You would have to believe that this is independent of his connection to two other women directly connected to Donald Trump. If you prove that Davidson in this specific incidence was just a right-time right-place kind of guy, then you get a lot closer to the truth.

2. Why did Trump give Elliot Broidy what he craved — direct access to the White House the day after the first installment of Bechard’s $1.6 million pay off was deposited in her bank account?
If that’s just random happenstance, then, ok, there you go, it’s more likely Broidy was the babydaddy.

3. What was Bechard’s state of mind at the time of her abortion?
We know she was pretty chill about it, at least at one point, so why get an abortion at all? Doesn’t it sound like Trump — who is known to raw dog lovers — to look up from his paperwork and snap at Michael Cohen to “fix it” and go back to tweeting and eating his cheeseburger?

4. How complicit is Playboy in all of this?
Does Playboy know anything? And if they do, what? Seems like that would be the quickest, easiest way to answer the question of the babydaddy once and for all. If Broidy is the father, then Playboy could easily prove it. If Trump is the father, then, well, there you go. You got yourself the biggest Trump news since the Access Hollywood Tape.

I just want to know one way or another. That’s it. Just give me more evidence that Broidy and Bechard know each other beyond that which is needed to draw up an NDA.

Here are additional questions and situations.

What We Know
We know Bechard had an affair with someone between late 2015 and late 2017.
We know that Trump’s schedule and Bechard’s Instagram placed him in proximity (NYC) to Bechard in the mid-to-late September 2017 timeframe.

We know a child was conceived around mid-to-late September of 2017 and later aborted.
We know Trump has, at least once, “raw dogged” with a woman he was having and affair with (Stormy Daniels.)
We have photographic evidence on Instagram that Bechard was at least outward ok with being pregnant at some point.
We know Bechard at one point had a dog named Ellie.

We know Bechard at some point was referred to Keith Davidson.
— Davidson was the lawyer who represented two other women who signed NDAs with Trump.
We know Broidy used Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer to represent him.
We know Bechard got $1.6 million (hardly Stormy Daniels’ ‘nuisance” money.)
We know Broidy was actively seeking access to the Trump Adminstration about this time in the guise of various Arab states.
We know that the day after the first installment of the $1.6 million to Bechard, Broidy gained access to Trump directly.
We know Bechard is interested in the #MeToo movement.

What We Don’t Know.
Anything to do with Trump directly being connected to Bechard other than Cohen and Davidson.
Anything to do with Broidy being directly connected to Bechard other than the NDA, Davidson and Cohen.
Anything in cold hard fact terms about Bechard’s exact state of mind at the time of the abortion.
— Was there a direct quid pro quo?
Anything about how many Playboy Bunnies (Playboy itself?) knew anything about an affair with either Broidy or Trump.

In fact, we have no evidence that Broidy even knows Bechard other than the things directly connected to the NDA.

Outstanding questions:
How come $1.6 million from Broidy of all people? He’s a rando. Why would he give a shit. Or why would he give $1.6 million worth of shit.
How could Donald J. Trump bang Bechard while also running for president and being in the Oval Office.
How could all of this be kept secret if Trump was the babydaddy? Is that proof that it didn’t happen?
How did the WSJ learn of the affair? Why did Bechard’s name only come out later in the day once the story broke?

Existential Questions
Why no comment from Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s lawyer?
Why no comment from Cooper Hefner?
Will it even matter if we prove it was Trump? Is there nothing that will ever hurt him politically, especially on the character side. He would not have done anything illegal and he can just keep babbling about the “Criminal Deep State” and “Spygate” while liberals burst into flames over the hypocrisy of a otherwise “pro-life” president.

So, Cooper Hefner, Does Playboy Want To Save The World? #FOTUS

by Shelton Bumgarner

If I had any credibility, I would call up Cooper Hefner myself and ask him a simple question: What does Playboy know about the FOTUS theory that it was Donald J. Trump and not Elliot Broidy who fathered the child that Shera Bechard may have aborted in exchange for $1.6 million.

It seems as though from an institutional point of view, the company — and Hefner — would have every reason to cooperate with an investigation. All he would have to do is ask women known to be close to Bechard what they knew. LA has a whole different thing going on than NYC and it’s at least possible that they’re all so busy getting busy and doing drugs that they aren’t totally clued-into the FOTUS scandal theory.

All the NY Times newsroom — or whomever — would have to do is get the highest profile editor they ready access to do call Hefner up and ask him that question. I suspect we’d be surprised how quickly we would have our answer about who the babydaddy was.

Let me be clear — I just want the truth. If it’s Broidy, then shrug. I’ve made a fool out of myself yet again in a very public manner.

V-Log: The FOTUS Affair (Theory) & Citadel Playboy

by Shelton bumgarner

I wonder what would happen if someone from a major media organization asked Cooper Hefner what Playboy Enterprises knew about the FOTUS Affair theory. Would he stonewall or would he fold like France in 1940. That’s a very interesting question.

My gut tells me he’d fold.

He has every reason to help someone from another media company find out the truth of the matter. In this video I talk at great length about all of this. It’s pretty good.

Waiting For Peter K. Stris Comment & Playboy’s Community As Source Material

by Shelton Bumgarner

The point of me continuing to talk about this is I just want to know one way or another what happened. I want closure. If Elliot Broidy is Bechard’s babydaddy, then I can go back to working on my novel. I just hate this not knowing. I hate the cognitive dissidence of it obviously being Trump on the face of it, and yet there being, like, zero datapoints for it being either Trump or Broidy.

It’s really frustrating.

I would be, at this point, content with a blanket denial from Bechard’s lawyer Peter K. Stris. Just tell me she didn’t bang Trump, doesn’t even know him and I’ll be content. Then we’d have the official statement.

Meanwhile, if I had the resources, I will fly to LA and try to ingratiate myself into the Playboy Bunny community. If I worked for The New York Times I will, like, call Cooper Hefner up directly say, “Bruh, what do you know?” I think if there’s any there there — which there may not be — we could guilt Playboy into fessing up. They have a huge vested interest in being the good guy in this imbroglio. Think of the sudden relevance and positive buzz they would get if they helped bring down Trump — or at least gave him a nasty political bruise? I would be shocked if their corporate self-interests would trump them helping The Resistance. If they did help in any cover up that would be seriously uncool, Playboy.

I guess what I’m saying is if you want to know the truth of this imbroglio, figure out a way to crack the Playboy Bunny community nut. Think of who we’re dealing with. Gorgeous, catty, gossipy young women who share everything and see themselves in a sorority. I would be completely flabbergasted if Bechard had not confided in one of them about who she was seeing, be it Broidy or Trump.

Anyway. I guess I hope we could shame Playboy into confessing whatever they know.

But simply don’t know. It could go either way at this point. It really could.

Playboy Seems The Achilles’ Heel Of The Broidy – Bechard Cover Story

by Shelton Bumgarner

For me, the issue now is simply finding out once and for all if Elliot Broidy was Shera Bechard’s baby daddy. And if I was going to find out, I would attack citadel Playboy. I would start snooping around the Playboy Bunny community, and if I was a well heel NYC reporter, I would ask Cooper Hefner directly for a statement. Yes, no, or kiss my foot, Coop.

It just doesn’t seem possible to me that Bechard could have an affair with either Broidy or Trump without one of her Bunny girlfriends knowing _something_. And as I keep saying, all I want is the truth. If it was Broidy, then fine, I look like an idiot. I’ve been extremely conspicuous being an idiot before and have zero credibility, so it’s not like I’m losing anything.

But I hate how logic is dancing around naked in front of me and I have to be eyes wide shut about it. Logic keeps saying, “That baby’s daddy was Donald Trump!” I’m the first to admit that this is, at this point, a dumb tinfoil hat concept. This is like what a liberal InfoWars would be talking about right now if such a thing existed. Yet like I said, the logic is very powerful.

My gut tells me the Playboy community is the weakspot. Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s lawyer, couldn’t possibly scare the bejeebas out of every woman in the extended Playboy community. Someone, somewhere will squeal if you just ask them what the know.

It’s so frustrating that it seems as though no one in the MSM is very interested in all of this. Or maybe I’m being too impatient. These things take time. But I have to note again — how come Stris has been so mum? Why no statement saying, “Fuck you, she didn’t bang Donald Trump.”

There are several different ways this could go. One way is this remains kind of story that everyone in the media elite knows about but can’t or won’t confirm. It becomes a low-level folktale that die-hard Trump haters babble on about when they get drunk.

Meanwhile, there is the possibility that the story slowly builds to a climax and there’s a tipping point at which the entire country is talking about it and that’s enough pressure to get the MSM to dig really hard and we find the facts out one way or another. The fact that it’s very possible that Broidy is the guy after all, of course, kind of puts a damper on all of this for the mainstream media.

What’s worse, it’s very possible that all of this is for naught. We could learn that Trump really did pay Bechard off to have an abortion and…crickets. We’ll all be talking about Spygate so much that this is just background noise.

This really is a lot like a twisted horror movie at this point.

I Have Questions For Playboy’s Cooper Hefner About Trump, Bechard & Broidy

by Shelton Bumgarner

Of all the people who could clear this situation up, Cooper Hefner is high on the list. I say this because as I understand it, Playboy is a pretty tight-knit group of people and I can’t imagine Hefner wouldn’t know something about any kind of contact Trump may have had with Shera Bechard in about 2015.

And here’s something that my sleuthing friend noticed: apparently when Trump first started his campaign for president, Hugh Hefner was all for it. But that written endorsement was later taken down by Playboy.

What gives?

If you want to see if this theory gets some traction, share this video with your friends. Maybe it might get someone in the MSM to something about all of this.

The issue at this point is that I sound very much like I’m making shit up. I don’t mean to be, but as my sleuthing friend also said: “It’s good to ask questions.”

Really, all I want is proof from Playboy and Cooper Hefner that Bechard knows Elliot Broidy. Give me that and I’ll shut up. But right now, we got squat. We got nothing. No publicly known proof that Bechard knows either Broidy or Trump. I have a little bit of information which on the face of it would indicate this is all just my ranting speculating, but the source has, shall we say, a monitory reason or $1.6 million to lead us astray.

So, if I had the resources to investigate all of this, I would start with Playboy and work my way out. I say this because Playboy at least purports to have enough political wherewithal that they might believe they have a vested interest in fessing up what they know. It definitely would be great PR for the magazine if they helped if not bring down the Trump Administration, at least mortally wounded it.

Here’s what we know for the time being about all of this:
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The Bechard / Broidy / Trump Imbroglio & Mulling How Complicit Playboy is

by Shelton Bumgarner

A decent chance exists that when everyone wakes up tomorrow — about the time Morning Joe comes on — the entire country (or at least those who are clued in) is going to realize how little we know about the purported affair between Elliot Broidy and Playboy Bunny Shera Bechard.

Now, as I keep saying, I know a little bit of information I don’t feel comfortable sharing which would indicate it’s a little less likely than it seems that it’s Trump not Broidy who is Bechard’s babydaddy. In fact, I would go so far as to say we’re one concrete piece of information linking Broidy to Bechard away from all this speculation I’ve been doing being rendered quite comical.

But the issue is — as of right now, we have absolutely zero evidence that Broidy and Bechard know each other. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. What we do have is a preponderance of logic saying it was Trump, not Broidy who got Bechard pregnant. That and a whole slew of questions that spring from that logic.

Here are some questions just off the top of my head:

How would Bechard and Trump have met? Who would have known from the beginning? It seems likely that if Trump was the one to have the affair with Bechard and not Broidy, that he met her at a Playboy function. It couldn’t possibly be that difficult to simply ask around Playboy to see what people know. Trump is sufficiently hated that someone, somewhere might squeal, if there is anything to squeal about at all.

Given they may have met at a Playboy function, how complicit is Playboy (ie Cooper Hefner) in all of this. I would be flabbergasted if Hefner couldn’t simply pick up a phone and answer this particular riddle quite quickly. If he purports to be all so liberal and anti-Trump, wouldn’t it behoove him to clear things up for us, given the stakes?

How could Trump have possibly have kept this secret from 2015 to 2018? How would they have met?

One really bonkers and significant issue is the timetable for the conception of the aborted fetus. From what I can tell, Bechard likely got pregnant soon after Trump was sworn in. How and where did they meet for eventful banging? How could they have possibly kept all of this a secret?

I am perplexed at how we’ve gone this long without some MSM person looking deeper into this. If they prove conclusively that it was Broidy, then I look kind of silly. (Actually, it’s a friend of mine who has been doing all the work, I’m just his hype man.) And, really, all I’ve been doing is looking at this issue from different angles. I really enjoy doing that.

So, as of right now, it’s not so much that Trump got a Playboy Bunny pregnant and she got an abortion, it’s her state of mind when she got an abortion. While there’s a lot of tenuous speculation involved required to get this point, if you could prove that Michael Cohen pressured Shera Bechard to get an abortion in exchange for her silence and $1.6 million…well, that’s pretty craven.

At of this point, I honestly have no clue what the truth is. On one hand, we have the possible cover story that Broidy had an affair with Bechard and on the other than we have what makes a lot more logical sense and that’s that Trump raw dogged her and got her pregnant. Then used Cohen as his fixer to get her to have an abortion in exchange for her silence and $1.6 million. (Which, as far as I know, she hasn’t gotten the entirety of, giving her every reason to stay pretty mum about all of this.)

In short, there are a lot of questions about the Bechard – Broidy situation that have yet to be cleared up. It’s weird that the MSM were so quick to take at face value what we were told in the WSJ article that broke this story. I’d like to think that now, because Broidy is back in the news for, like, influence peddling that started a day after the first payment to Bechard by Broidy that maybe, just maybe this otherwise bonkers idea might get a little traction and we’ll get some evidence one way or another.

Here’s what we know for the time being about all of this:
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Talk To Me Internet: Some Thoughts On Hugh Hefner’s Complicated Legacy

by Shelton Bumgarner

This one is pretty good. Enjoy

Some Idle Musing On Playboy Upon The Death Of Hugh Hefner

by Shelton Bumgarner

While he wasn’t perfect, Hugh Hefner was a personal hero of mine and influenced me in ways large and small. My personal politics are pretty much the editorial page of Playboy in about 1976. Anyway, with his death, Playboy is at a crossroads. I have a little time on my hands and so I’m going idly muse on my personal vision for the great publication that he founded. I have written about most, if not all, of this before but I feel like talking about it again now that Hefner is dead.

If I had any control over Playboy, I would try to bring back its coolness factor from the ’50 and ’60s. I would bring back the old Playboy TV show, maybe in partnership with YouTube or NetFlix and restore the brand to its glory days. I think there is a huge market for that old school cool and if they did a regular show that featured cool people talking about cool stuff and great bands, then people would respond.

Additionally, I would re-imagine the Playboy ideal. As it stands, for decades, the Playboy man has supposed to covet the attention of the “girl next door” who was hot and surprisingly easy given her ostensible persona. I would do something cool like obsess over Ilana Glazer and make her the “mascot” of the publication. She’s not your traditional beauty, but she’s very sex-positive and she would fit perfectly with the modern concept of the type of woman the Playboy man is supposed to lust after.

All of this would be in the context of trying to turn Playboy.com into the second coming of Gawker.com. If Playboy wants to be relevant again, it needs to flip the script, shake things up a little bit — or maybe a lot — and get people talking about it again. And the best way to do that would be to hire a lot of former Gawker writers and get them to rile up the elites with thought provoking commentary. That’s the thing about Playboy right now — it just doesn’t really generate all that much buzz like it used to. It’s a “legacy brand” as they say, and as such it’s more something a middle-aged man like me likes as opposed to the 20 somethings whose attention advertisers long for.

I would also suggest that — in conjunction with Ilana Glazer — the publication go into video in a big way by maybe having Glazer be a roving reporter for them in little shorts. She’s probably really busy right now and it might cost a bit more than expected to get her to do it, but the cost would be worth it. She would bring instant buzz and street cred back to Playboy in a big way. I know I talk a lot about Glazer sometimes, but she’s a personal favorite and I enjoy thinking up new and different ways to exploit her great personality.

Anyway, thanks for the memories, Hef.