Pondering The Possibility Of WWII With Trump Attacking Iran & Putin Attacking Ukraine

by Shelton Bumgarner

I have for a long time said that Trump will wag the dog ASAP in an effort to prevent a “Blue Wave” from happening in the fall. But I always thought it was going to be the DPRK that would be the source of the war that would have people in the States humming Lee Greenwood’s greatest hits on their way to the polls in November.

But from all appearances, if there is going to be a World War III type event any time soon, it’s going to be something like this: while the States is buy attacking Iran, Russian will attack Ukraine. The States will be so busy having a patriotic circle jerk as we invade Iran that we won’t notice the enormous land grab in Ukraine on the part of the Russians.

Now, there are some enormous problems with Trump doing such a thing. It’s very possible that Iran and the DPRK might form some sort of secret Axis against us. They might say, “If we’re going down, we’re going down together.” It would be difficult for the United States to fight a war with both Iran and the DPRK. We’d win, of course, but with significant loss of life. Or, put another way, if Trump really wanted to go after Iran, Iran would have every reason to align itself directly with the DPRK in an effort to wave the States off any decision to attack.

How, exactly, that would go down is anyone’s guess. At this point, I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. But Trump is so batshit insane that it seems as though anything is, in fact, possible.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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