Burn Marks — Nikki Glaser Is Hot

by Shelt Garner

It’s amazing how few people read this blog. And even more surreal is when people do read it, it’s not for my biting political commentary but for dumb pop culture observations.

Anyway, I find myself digging comedian Nikki Glaser these days. She reminds me of this one young lady I ran into who was the master of the sick burn. You would be standing there, having a normal conversation with her and then she would say something that left a third-degree burn. It was really hot.

I say this knowing, of course, that what is hot while you’re dating someone could grow extremely tiresome if you were in a relationship with them. That’s just human nature.

One thing about Ms. Glaser is she’s far more accessible than Amy Schumer. Ms. Schumer has, of course, redefined the world of comedy for women and, yet, she’s still rather off-putting. She’s just not, at least to me, very funny. There’s a harshness to her comedy that is a turn off.

Ms. Glaser, meanwhile, is really funny to me. She’s the perfect mix of beauty and wit. It’s interesting than as far as I know she’s not been in any major movies. I’m too lazy to check IMDB.

I wish Ms. Glaser well. I look forward to seeing her on the silver screen.

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