TrumpBarr’s Three Prong Coup

by Shelt Garner

  1. Sue
    This prong involves suing everything that moves the instant they can. The Trump Campaign is already doing this, but they will go into overdrive the moment the polls close on Election Night. They know SCOTUS is their failsafe, no matter what, so there you go — they will win.
  2. Violence
    This prong will be something of a suckerpunch. Between now and Election Night MAGA-Qanon will amp up the violence and disruptions to the point that a lot of people who might otherwise vote, won’t. Trump wins there, too.
  3. Barr
    This would be Barr somehow giving Trump’s sketchy coup activities just enough of a legal justification that conservatives-who-aren’t-MAGA will have some sort of talking point to make themselves feel better.

    All of this is going to happen very, very quickly now. If they’re successful, Trump could “win” and it’ll just be an extreme version of 2000. If they aren’t as successful as they think they otherwise could be, then, well, we have a civil war or revolution.

    Good luck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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