Elon Musk — There’s No Need Risking Giving People Lobotomies: Contactless Telepathy Tech Is Obviously Ubiquitous

by Shelt Garner

Get this. There’s a late woman named Annie Shapiro who really changed my life while I was in Seoul. I noticed a woman recommend to me on my “For You” page on Tik-Tok and struggled to figure out what was unusual about her.

Then it hit me: she was a ringer for the late Annie Shapiro.

The two women could be at least sisters.

Now, I know correlation is not causation, but I’m beginning to think the telepathic technology of big tech like Google and Facebook that I suspect exists apparently is all over the place — even Tik-Tok.

It blows my mind that Elon Musk would want to risk giving people lobotomies with his Neural Link technology, when he could just adapt the obvious non-intrusive technology that already exists to do the same Goddamn thing.

I guess that would require spooking consumers by admitting that for some time now, Google, Facebook and now Tik-Tok can read our minds. They don’t have context — not yet — but they can definitely read our minds. I’m beginning to think Tik-Tok is the most intrusive of these telepathic technologies.

If I’m right — and I’m often wrong — but if I’m right, then it’s almost inevitable that somehow, someway consumers are going to get woke to this and feel a sense of mind rape.

Who knows. No one listens to me.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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