Of Gods (And Aliens): Trump Could Never Keep ETs a Secret

by Shelt Garner

I have a very, very, very long-running thought experiment in going in my mind that deals with a number of interesting concepts when it comes to aliens. One is, what if they — because of all the radio signals we’re sending out — knew everything about us and two, I wonder a lot about how we would deal with HUGE numbers of humans being given the opportunity to leave a dying Earth. If they act fast, of course.

In my imagination, this would be sort of a Chernobyl meets a Close Encounters type movie.

Anyway, I think I read once where your perception of God and your views on aliens were very similar. So, I guess I think of God as someone who is really chill who already knows everything about me so why worry.

Recently, there was something of a kerfuffle when some old dude suggested Israel and the US were talking to aliens. Now, there’s a lot going on there. Why Israel? If this was real, I suspect that person just KNEW about the aliens talking to Israel and the United States when, in fact, they were talking to a lot of powerful countries in the world.

But the big take away from this somewhat bonkers news story is how it can’t be real for a very specific reason: Trump could never keep such a secret. Never. What better way to have the most historic presidency in history than to be the guy aliens decided to have First Contact with?

He could never keep that to himself, damn the consquences.

So, it’s doubtful.

But the idea of First Contact is a really interesting one because you just never know how humanity would react to it. It’s endlessly facinating.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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