Tinx, Cancel Culture & Me

by Shelt Garner


So, apparently the Internet’s Big Sister, Tik-Tok superstar Tinx is in trouble for “fat shaming” people on Twitter. This makes me think about my own ranting about how Mike Pompeo is a fat fuck and if, one day, those ranty tweets will come back to haunt me.

Fat Fuck Mike Pompeo

Of course, for that to happen, I would have to win the literary equivalent of lottery. Sometime totally unexpected would have to happen to me in a big way. But I don’t know — I guess given how all-powerful “cancel culture” is, that just me drunkenly ranting about how I think would-be autocrat Mike Pompeo is a fat fuck probably would be enough to get me “canceled.”

It’s shit like that which makes center-Right people (which definitely doesn’t include me) get mad and start thinking about how center-Left people are “groomers.”

All of this is very dumb.

But there is a great book about the implications of cancel culture — in a metaphorical sense — called Kiln People. It’s by David Brin.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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