Is New York City Going To Hell In A Handbasket?

by Shelt Garner

This is the kind of story I would write if I won the lottery and had the funds to start a snarky Gawker-like blog. But, alas, I have no money and one listens to me. But it is interesting how there is a growing sense among some that New York City is lurching towards turning into a 1970s shit hole again.

I only visit NYC occasionally and whenever I do, I love the place. I may never be “young in the city,” but it would be pretty great to live there long-term before I drop dead.

From what I can tell, while NYC is definitely going through a transition of sorts, I don’t know if it’s turning in to an Escape From New York hellscape. Things are different from when they were before the pandemic, but they’re not, at least as of yet, THAT bad.

I think it’s a time of wait and see.

It could go either way. But we’re dealing with long term, macro trends. If I was writing for a neo-Gawker, I would talk to NYC experts and to everyday New Yorkers about what they thought.

It would be all very hammy and snarky. But, lulz, nothing matters.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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