The Struggle Continues

by Shelt Garner

So, now that I’ve split the first novel in this series into two AGAIN, I now have six novels that made up to thematically connected trilogies. I constantly struggle with the idea of working on a “second track” novel or screenplay and just can’t — to date — manage to get myself to do it.

I have the whole universe thought out rather extensively, why go through the trouble of thinking up a whole new universe with characters when I can just bounce around six novels in development as need be?

If I had a wife or a girlfriend, then, of course, this would be a lot simpler. She would help me organize what I’m doing to the point that I could, indeed, separate my attention on something else.

Sadly, I’m alone.

So, I’m going to throw myself into these six novels (really just the first three and really, even more so, just the first novel). I’ve got to get a second draft of something done SOON. I’m nervous that I’m going to slip into the fall 2023 querying season with no assurance I’ll ever get published traditionally even if I do get an agent.

I’m just nervous that we’re going to have a civil war — or I’m going to drop dead of windowmaker heart attack like Stieg Larsson — before I get any of these novels published.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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