Ari’s Jennifer Gray Problem: Ariana Grande’s New Face

by Shelt Garner

I’ve written about this before, but, lulz, let me try again. What have to talk about Ariana Grande’s new face. There is a lot to unpack here. One, the celebrity press hasn’t said a peep about the fact that one of the biggest — and best looking pop stars out there looks like a totally different person. It’s up there with how Kaia and Cara were obviously doing the horizonal bop at some point and…crickets.


I mean, if Cara is in a two person cardigan with you and you’re a woman — you’re absolutely dating.

Anyway, that’s just one element of this situation.

Another issue is what one might call the Jennifer Gray Problem. Jennifer Gray had a promising career in the mid-80s. She wasn’t an obvious Hollywood beautify — because of her nose — but she had deep showbiz ties through her father and she could very well have been America’s Sweetheart at some point in the late 80s.

And she got a nose job.

She didn’t just get a nose job, she got a nose solution. Her face suddenly lacked all the character it had. She just looked like A Hollywood Type.

This brings us to Ari.

After….THE VOICE — “Live Top 13 Eliminations” Episode 2115B — Pictured: Ariana Grande — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Ms. Grande hasn’t just gotten a nose job, she’s gotten a face job. She still drop dead gorgious, but she looks totally fucking different. And, just like with Kaia and Cara…not a peep from the celebrity press. Not a word.

It’s surreal I hate it because we all can see it and know it happened, but the people who would otherwise regular our sense of “what is real,” the press, have chosen to ignore it.

Too fucking weird.

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